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Breakingviews: Herbalife of the party

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 03:19

Feb 15 - Billionaire Carl Icahn is the latest investor to weigh in on the nutritional supplements seller Herbalife, cementing the company's spot in the pantheon of financial playthings.

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Herbalife has cemented itself in the pantheon of financial playthings today Carl Icahn revealing that he has a 13% stake in the company a year after David Einhorn another. Activists. Fund manager questioned. The company's financial. A black man has is in the thing damn -- was -- the thing that's really is just it like every every activist investors piled into the thing. It's almost a permanent place in the Wall Street it's the company no one's -- they -- -- -- and wherever it now -- -- what is -- it's it's unclear and that and that's kind of lends itself to people you know kind of playing with the -- saying wrestling community it's whatever these guys -- we arrived there -- mean the company went -- it went private in 2002 went public and stayed the same course in the subtitle leveraged -- and then the -- this game and team owners tried to buy it out again a few years later 2007 that now because like -- talking about maybe another and I didn't tell you about another -- at the end of the third possible -- -- -- initially here is as you say it's sort of the company the accusations of mainly laid out a bill Blackman doesn't think this is a giant pyramid scheme. And that it ought to be taken down by -- at eight exactly and that's a good question and it's not at all parent anyone who looks at this company is it is that actually true. Mean that's what started off this latest round of obsession over it because I never went about a year ago on he got -- one of the calls -- -- that's cold and a couple questions saying okay. You know how much we are filtered out of network people that's because if it's pyramid scheme beat this thing is that people do is they. They wanna become one of the big sellers they vile the stuff and they turned that we can't sell it to their friends. It's all about recruiting other people see by the -- need to -- their people are buying and using it but they're also within the with the frame yet it seems that a lot fueled by it because they want the discount in any and is this the legal for the FTC it's a gray area and and because the -- everyone. They're going with -- ever on sort of I in prince their own narrative on itself and god we can come on. And -- lay out what it is absolutely very convincing evident on the other sides and then thought I can't download can come on and say actually this is a great story because -- -- winds yet if you look at the stock just -- like -- going up going down everyone's you know and and it's the same thing every every couple days you know something else comes on and no one can agree -- this -- -- icons showing -- country that's the latest development what -- that. I mean the now fourth activist kind of really weigh in on it what does that do to the story. If it doesn't really do. -- -- -- All it says is that people are still they disagreeing or and the question is you know why is he coming into it to be coming into because he actually thinks this is stock is undervalued maybe not because. And he is he's long feud with with allotment. And the run and play the Kabeer revenge play and then in for bill black and -- they'll likely get involved well there's questions did he go in at leaving your did you sense his returns on the find. It has an authentication and visited by my buddy icon right and it becomes -- you know it be -- kind of sits in the middle of this massive storm. Of financial and because it really went -- can be whatever people want it to be people. Make it whatever they want it to be you know -- series -- if Icahn wants to get back and -- mean you know this is the very nice vehicle to do so you know -- -- of the story that's gonna keep on -- for us. I think he will be back next week with more breaking news.

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Breakingviews: Herbalife of the party

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 03:19

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