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Euro zone PMIs to show recovery underway...right?

Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 03:53

Feb. 21 - Flash PMIs will give us the first glimpse of how the euro zone economy fared in February, and whether the recession is ending. Or not...

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Flash eurozone PMI is just thought I'd always two minutes ahead of the markets on Reuters. The compass that -- dipping to 47 point three in fact agree about some fourteen point six and John today. Rob Dobson from market -- compiles those numbers joins tonight. Rob there's been a lot of talk but the result on the cusp of the company exits in recession. These numbers suggest. Talks a bit premature but it does what we're seeing this month has a shot -- -- the decline in the Euro cents a whole again. That was just on the coast of recovering -- bit kind of chill what we should see is not based decline in GDP. Possibly think he won't which he can positions us to hopefully meeting up recession TC maybe keep -- What would you say it's -- it still in the session that. Exit will be picked by two Q2 Q2 Okie city what we're looking -- -- -- -- -- -- point 6% contraction before these figures that amendments that fund this quarter fully consistent with bodies and found no point to personal point 3%. Okay so what's behind this and this -- and I thought things and it's been through the well this this two page has been on this seriously there's a big -- visions between stronger booming economies like Jamie and week before new economy -- fronts. What also seeing his and the look for these countries to domestic market is still very very weak. Where are seeing some of the greatest more places like -- whether having -- -- beast and -- told us in the domestic market not being as -- subsequent. The expo that you -- export orders -- -- also -- with. Doesn't make sense given that the -- it was appreciate it so -- -- -- to use Tuesday's arguments yesterday defense -- to being gay councilman to buy an offense that is the US growth still be subject -- despite what -- suing people. And also with few places in Asia and take -- China rules seem posted it to QB Jimmy benefiting nets again Jamie -- benefiting -- -- Domestic not cannot be -- because of what. Let's say going to Germany S about the mixed picture among -- -- I think the first thing and yet but barely and and growth -- service has us falling and the U it'll fail -- shot in the back of those gentlemen them numbers today so I'm amazed by. -- a -- back -- Jim since coming cannot benefit to confront the domestic market its remaining fifty strong engine and it. Again manufacturing what was seen as a little bit of benefit and expose on some domestic demand. Yeah it's mixed up with the team manufacture such as being stabilized us posted Jamie good typically indicates and also thought to such as soon -- stalks around. Bank decent amount mean that maybe Jim could start from uncle who took a bit more in the coming months so just to be cleared -- able escape recession well equipped skate reception at a local interception. So I think yes and and finally fronts. I mean. There's little. Escaping it pretty dismal numbers from front sepsis sets up constructing its fastest pace in four years exactly. What we've seen so far since two -- is that I visions between performance and Jamie in the forms of constant -- mind on this. There's indexes the widest since it takes begun in 1998. This is a big time visions between the big economy the biggest economy and second largest. And the fact tonight assistant Jim knows there isn't enough just to support youth as a whole. Ticket conditions that we can cut it to such extent and I'm so unstable this assessment funds being alone will not lasting thing. Welcome to him I'm Democrat -- was -- my numbers now whoa -- fifties so who we would expect to see. Obviously it's possible and second off via the found spoke to you go to places particularly confronts. Again. Where soccer is gonna come from we'll have to voice thing. OK Bob thanks very much that was rob Dobson from market. A -- and I'm Jamie he gave them this is Reuters. --

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Euro zone PMIs to show recovery underway...right?

Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 03:53

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