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Breakingviews: CEO discounted

Friday, March 01, 2013 - 03:12

March 1 - Everyone wants their boss to be fun. Antony Currie and Robert Cyran discuss why wit wasn’t enough for Groupon chief Andrew Mason - and why removing him won't be enough to turn around the Internet coupon site’s fortunes.

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-- -- -- -- to be fun but it's agree poignant state five that we see chief executive -- -- -- -- the stock in the black it was a bit of reject -- them this this. Emailed both tweet went out that this -- as -- settlements was just having a bit of fun. What is that he's been in this spend and and take some time off to spend the equipment ambling actually -- -- and -- -- in port. As it's ready he can policies he's done it which is creating an openness. Which he had a history of doing all the things like him he had Christmas video ovaries doing yoga in his underwear around Christmas tree -- don't either. Now an on camera in them. And maybe you should giants and but say so he's funny he likes to mark. So little bit they have one bit of a thing that the company whose money Alina -- and they could -- -- probably if it's not you know. He wasn't perhaps the best well. On the -- work group on its you know unity they rose to fame money and their coupon things that when is the last time -- and agree on nineties and use them. -- Just run off slight easing in new group on these stores yet. The problem is that businesses in decline and that was there means moneymaker via the European operations -- mess. They've they've tried to reload this thing welcome ideally goods when he wrote goods online that's that's a that's an accurate or business department there really bad that it wouldn't even bother me. And it's as if that was the year you -- -- ago when the company went public can -- twenty bucks -- Google offered by many as six billion dollars and then there were. Portion of that. It went well in public -- at twenty bucks they're now under fine so it's pretty clear market is pretty. That's that's technically it myself and -- Nicholson -- came in they would that it will be the first in and -- and -- on providing publishers and you know they were that's awesome in an economic problem they never really port -- -- -- -- -- you know they they basically -- coupons -- -- -- over the Internet -- -- Exactly is exactly sale and -- analyst Dana Sonia Amazon -- -- and an oil and other business. All this money yet -- problem they can defaulting on its list of frequently is that one treatment and yes it is and the problem is -- they say OK we already Jimmy's gonna bring in some more serious any injuries is trying to become a series is is amusing seeing like. Start wearing glasses -- in every every vote. The promise you -- they're gonna try to bring someone else and they've got they've got their chairman now with the guys rather controversial is it carries to left Kofsky yeah. Yeah a couple of companies bulletin Boston and it's -- -- -- -- investors right he had some related party transactions coupons. Old Tennessee dog and democratic Sheldon. Sent officials hate yet exactly eighties that he thinks are calling even even more he would that's going -- And he's temporary chairman -- does reassure people and they'll try to bring someone else and who want to run group and again what are things that now we have. My ex packages it's it's not in the group discounts. And that's it months and will be back next week it will breaking news.

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Breakingviews: CEO discounted

Friday, March 01, 2013 - 03:12

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