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Malaysia jet mystery – the clues

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 02:22

Mar. 14 - One week on from the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, what clues do we have to the plane’s fate? We round up the evidence.

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One week helped a Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 disappeared the jets still hasn't been found and the mysteries deepening by the eight. What clues to we have. China raised hopes with the satellite images. The floating objects sport to do what is in the way MH 370 went missing. But Malaysian and Vietnamese vessels searched the area and found nothing. The shallow water in the area makes unlikely they could -- missed direct. But suggestions of a sudden catastrophic crash all supported by one eyewitness claim. -- will request in the South China Sea near Vietnam. Gave a precise and credible sounding account of seeing a flaming plane fly overhead. But again a search failed to turn up and he wreckage. The lack of to breathe -- something the plane didn't crash and -- nearest -- and rotation. So to some of the residents. US officials say there are signs the plane may have kept falling long off Chris disappearance of 1 AM on Saturday. According to some reports. Satellite operated in moss sat picked up data transmissions from the jet for about four hours off to the supposed attraction. If so that puts the focus on another electronic witness. Oil honest carrier transformed it should identify them to air traffic control. MH 370 stopped transmitting its identity at the time of -- disappearance but if the walls no -- that time. And either the principle that just happened to fight -- the same time. Or someone deliberately switched -- off. If the plane did keep flying went to decode. The Malaysian military now to noise reports that attracts an unknown at -- flying back across the country from the east. But the F full says it did export to mystery playing 200 miles north of and hanging on the country's West Coast at 2:15 AM. Would to sources say there is radar evidence it could have headed towards them and the -- islands in the Indian Ocean. If MH 370 really did keep falling for another four house it could be as much -- 2000 miles from his last known location. That's a potential such radius of around twelve million square miles. What damage threesome to trashed was hijacked by means it could take some finding. -- subsequent Reuters.

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Malaysia jet mystery – the clues

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 02:22

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