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FACTBOX-Australia's five proposed LNG import terminals

    MELBOURNE, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Australian Industrial Energy (AIE) applied in October to the
New South Wales state government to modify the approval for its Port Kembla LNG import terminal
to allow more frequent cargo arrivals during the winter months.
    The decision to modify the project has slowed plans for AIE, which had hoped to make a final
investment decision on the project in mid-2019. The Japanese-backed consortium now has no target
date for signing off on the project.
 LNG import  Crib Point,    Port Kembla,   Longford,   Outer Harbor,  Newcastle,
 project     Victoria       New South      Victoria    South          New South
 location                   Wales                      Australia      Wales
 Owner       AGL Energy     Australian     Exxon       Venice Energy  South
                            Industrial     Mobil Corp  set up by      Korea-based,
                            Energy (AIE),              private firm   private firm
                            backed by                  Integrated     EPIK,
                            Andrew                     Global         working with
                            Forrest's                  Partners, in   Hyundai LNG
                            Squadron                   talks with     Shipping
                            Energy with                Mitsubishi     
                            Japan's JERA,              Corp           
                            Marubeni Annual      130-140 PJ     100 PJ         Not         80 PJ          Could handle
 capacity                                  available                  more than
                                                                      300 PJ
 Model       Contract LNG   JERA to help   Exxon       Toll for LNG   Toll for LNG
             supply, sell   secure LNG     would       traders to     traders to
             gas to AGL's   supply. AEI    secure      use facility   use facility
             customers      lining up      LNG, sell                  
                            contracts to   gas to                     
                            sell gas to    existing                   
                            industrial     customers                  
 Final       2020           No date        No date     Late 2019      H1 2020
 Target      H2 FY2022      No date        2022        FY2021         2021
 Status      State          State review   Early       Aim to submit  Aim to
             environmental  of modifiied   phase of    development    secure
             review         plan           assessing   application    regulatory
                                           project     April 2019     approval by
                                                                      Q2 2020
 Estimated   A$250 mln,     A$200 mln to   not         A$750 mln to   US$430 mln,
 cost        excluding      A$250 mln,     available   A$850 mln,     including
             cost to        excluding                  includes       cost of
             charter        FSRU charter               building a     building an
             floating       cost                       500 megawatt   FSRU
             storage and                               gas-fired      
             regasificatio                             power plant    
             n unit (FSRU)                                            
 Analysts/i  Most likely    Likely         Possible    Unlikely       Unlikely
 view on                                                              
 of going                                                             
 Sources: Projects, Department of Industry, ACCC
 * Financial year July 2019-June 2020

 (Reporting by Sonali Paul; editing by Richard Pullin)