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CEE MARKETS-Zloty leads CEE FX higher, forint cools

    PRAGUE, Nov 9 (Reuters) - Poland's zloty led central
European currencies to multi-week highs and stocks rose on
Monday as the region saw further gains from an U.S. election
    U.S. President-elect Joe Biden's victory has supported
investors' risk appetite, with hopes of better global trade
ties. However, caution remains with the coronavirus pandemic
still in focus amid a second wave hitting Europe.
    Currencies had pulled back from session highs by
    The zloty was up 0.5% at 4.49 to the euro at 1040
GMT, earlier trading as strong as 4.4775, its highest since Oct.
13. It also got a boost Poland's central bank meeting on Friday,
where rate setters held steady on policy.
    The Polish central bank had postponed its meeting to Friday
from Wednesday last week, leading some to speculate it would
announce further measures to combat the effect of the pandemic.
    Warsaw stocks rose 0.7% to their highest in a
month, while Prague gained 0.5%. 
    In Budapest, stocks fell 1.95% after touching recent
highs. The Hungarian forint was flat at 358.92 per
euro after hitting a four-week high in earlier trade.
    Hungary gave a reminder of the fast spread of COVID-19 seen
since the summer ended, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban
announcing on Monday new lockdown measures, like closing
secondary schools and restaurants.
    The Czech Republic has had Europe's highest infection rate
but showed on Monday some signs of stabilisation as its daily
tally of new cases on Sunday was the lowest in four weeks.
    The crown extended its recent rally from the U.S.
election and the Czech central bank staying pat on policy last
week, adding 0.2% to bid at 26.545 to the euro. 
    Erste Group Bank, though, said a retreat could be around the
    "While levels in the EURCZK and especially in EURHUF
approached or even breached our year-end calls, volatility and
near-term weakening should not at all be ruled out in the next
few weeks," it said in a daily note.
                   CEE      SNAPSHO   AT                      
                   MARKETS  T        1140              
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                            bid      close    change   in 2020
 EURCZK  Czech     <EURCZK  26.5450  26.5905   +0.17%   -4.19%
 =       crown     =>                                  
 EURHUF  Hungary   <EURHUF  358.920  358.925   +0.00%   -7.74%
 =       forint    =>             0        0           
 EURPLN  Polish    <EURPLN   4.4900   4.5109   +0.47%   -5.20%
 =       zloty     =>                                  
 EURRON  Romanian  <EURRON   4.8670   4.8664   -0.01%   -1.62%
 =       leu       =>                                  
 EURHRK  Croatian  <EURHRK   7.5570   7.5595   +0.03%   -1.48%
 =       kuna      =>                                  
 EURRSD  Serbian   <EURRSD  117.530  117.570   +0.03%   +0.03%
 =       dinar     =>             0        0           
         Note:     calcula                    1800            
         daily     ted                        CET      
         change    from STOCKS                                     
                            Latest   Previou  Daily    Change
                                     close    change   in 2020
 .PX     Prague              869.37  865.260   +0.48%  -22.07%
 .BUX    Budapest           34701.5  35390.4   -1.95%  -24.70%
                                  5        4           
 .WIG20  Warsaw    <.WIG20  1709.44  1697.49   +0.70%  -20.49%
 .BETI   Buchares           8920.67  8808.33   +1.28%  -10.59%
 .SBITO  Ljubljan  <.SBITO   820.74   821.02   -0.03%  -11.35%
 P       a         P>                                  
 .CRBEX  Zagreb    <.CRBEX  1590.44  1587.33   +0.20%  -21.17%
 .BELEX  Belgrade  <.BELEX   693.38   705.47   -1.71%  -13.51%
 15                15>                                 
 .SOFIX  Sofia     <.SOFIX   425.03   424.94   +0.02%  -25.19%
                   > BONDS                                      
                            Yield    Yield    Spread   Daily
                            (bid)    change   vs Bund  change
         Czech                                         spread
 CZ2YT=    2-year  <CZ2YT=   0.0200   0.0140   +081bp    +2bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ5YT=    5-year  <CZ5YT=   0.5850  -0.0110   +140bp    +1bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 CZ10YT            <CZ10YT   1.0400  -0.0010   +168bp    +2bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
 PL2YT=    2-year  <PL2YT=   0.0000  -0.0110   +079bp    +0bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL5YT=    5-year  <PL5YT=   0.3020  -0.0150   +112bp    +0bps
 RR                RR>                              s  
 PL10YT            <PL10YT   1.1440  -0.0180   +178bp    +0bps
 =RR     10-year   =RR>                             s  
                            3x6      6x9      9x12     3M
         Czech     <CZKFRA     0.32     0.32     0.34     0.35
         Rep       ><PRIBO                             
         Hungary   <HUFFRA     0.74     0.73     0.73     0.77
         Poland    <PLNFRA     0.17     0.16     0.16     0.22
         Note: FRA quotes                                     
         are for ask                                   

 (Reporting by Jason Hovet in Prague, Alan Charlish in Warsaw
and Marton Dunai in Budapest; Editing by Mark Potter)