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FACTBOX-Oil refiners shut plants as demand losses may never return

 (Adds total capacity)
    Nov 17 (Reuters) - Oil refiners are permanently closing processing plants in Asia and North America and facilities in Europe
could be next because of uncertain prospects for a recovery in fuel demand after the coronavirus pandemic cut consumption.
    The pandemic initially cut global fuel demand 30% and refiners temporarily idled plants. But consumption has not returned to
pre-pandemic levels and lower travel may be here to stay, leading to the possibility of plants shutting down permanently.
    Here are some of the companies/refineries involved:    
 Operator                   Refinery           Country        Total Capacity        Capacity Impact        Date of          USN 
                                                           (in barrels per day)   (in barrels per day)     shutdown     
 Royal Dutch Shell     Convent, Louisiana       U.S.             211,146                211,146            November                 
 Marathon Petroleum   Martinez, California      U.S.             161,000                161,000               NA                    
 BP plc                     Kwinana          Australia           146,000                146,000         Over next six months      
 Gunvor Group                Antwerp           Belgium           110,000                110,000               NA                    
 Total SA               Grandpuits, Paris      France            102,000                102,000         First quarter of 2021      
 Marathon Petroleum    Gallup, New Mexico       U.S.              27,000                 27,000               NA                    
                                                                           total               757,000                              
 Eneos Corp                   Osaka             Japan            115,000                115,000            Sept. 30                 
 Pilipinas Shell       Tabangao, Batangas    Philippines         110,000                110,000             August                  
 Petroleum Corp total               225,000                              
 Royal Dutch Shell        Pulau Bukom         Singapore          500,000                250,000               NA                    
 Petroineos               Grangemouth         Scotland           200,000                 90,000               NA                    
                                                                           total               340,000                              
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