UK police seek to break up anti-lockdown protest in central London

LONDON, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Several British police officers were hurt on Saturday when they ordered thousands of protesters at a central London anti-lockdown demonstration to disperse after they failed to respect social distancing.

Holding signs saying “We Do Not Consent” and “Stuff the Stupid Rules”, thousands of people had gathered in Trafalgar Square to protest against the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

The Metropolitan Police said the protest had to end because demonstrators had failed to socially distance, or wear masks meaning it was no longer exempt from the national rules that limit gatherings to six people.

“We want to be clear, this protest is no longer exempt from the regulations,” the Met said on Twitter. “We are asking those attending to disperse. Sadly, some officers have been injured while engaging with people.” (Reporting by Kate Holton; Editing by Helen Popper )