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Spain daily coronavirus infections rise to 3,650

MADRID, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Spain diagnosed 3,650 coronavirus infections in past 24 hours, the health ministry said on Friday, up from 3,349 cases it reported a day earlier and bringing the cumulative total to 386,054.

The ministry said 125 people had died from the virus over the past seven days. The seven-day death toll reported on Thursday was 122.

Deaths from the virus have risen since Spain lifted a three-month lockdown in late June, but they remain far below the levels seen during the epidemic’s late-March peak when the daily toll approached 1,000

While infections have slowed since Friday’s post-lockdown record of 7,609, this drop may not represent a trend as similar declines have been followed by new peaks in recent weeks. The latest figures could be modified in future as the official statistics are updated retroactively. (Reporting by Nathan Allen, editing by Andrei Khalip)