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Factbox: U.S., UK spend billions to take lead in securing coronavirus vaccines

(Reuters) - The United States and United Kingdom are leading a rush to strike deals with drugmakers to reserve supplies of experimental coronavirus vaccines, as the race to develop a safe and effective vaccine reaches the final stages of testing. There are currently no approved vaccines for COVID-19, with over 25 candidates being studied in humans.

FILE PHOTO: A scientist at RNA medicines company Arcturus Therapeutics researches a vaccine for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at a laboratory in San Diego, California, U.S., March 17, 2020. REUTERS/Bing Guan/File Photo

The following is a list of supply deals for potential vaccines that give some countries a guarantee of a limited number of doses:



U.S. Moderna Inc $1.53 bln 100 mln, with option of Not specified nL1N2FD2C7

additional 400 mln doses

U.S. Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE $1.95 bln 100 mln @ 2 per person. Option By October nL2N2ET1HN

for 500 mln more

U.S. AstraZeneca Plc $1.2 bln 300 mln likely @ 2 per person By October Nl4n2d31m3

U.S. Novavax Inc $1.6 bln 100 mln By January 2021 nL1N2EE0HB

U.S. Johnson & Johnson Over $1 bln 100 mln; U.S. may buy Not Specified nL4N2F73FU

additional 200 mln doses under

a subsequent agreement whose

amount was not disclosed

U.S. Sanofi SA and $2.1 bln 100 mln; option for 500 mln Not Specified nL2N2F22CX

GlaxoSmithKline Plc more

EU Sanofi SA and In talks 300 mln Not Specified nL5N2F26X2


EU Pfizer Inc In talks Not Specified Not Specified nL2N2EZ1EW

EU Moderna, Sanofi, BioNtech & In talks Not Specified Not Specified nL5N2EO5E5


EU AstraZeneca In talks 400 mln Not Applicable nL5N2EO2Y0

Italy, AstraZeneca 750 mln euros 300 mln with option to buy 100 Not Applicable nL8N2DS2XO

Germany, the ($843 million) mln more


and France

EU Johnson & Johnson In advanced Not Applicable Not Applicable nL8N2DV5IR


UK Valneva “Multi-million 60 mln with an option to Not Applicable nL8N2F73V3

pound” investment purchase 40 million mln

UK Wockhardt Ltd Not specified Millions from multiple Not Applicable nS8N2C80D3


UK Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline Financial terms Up to 60 mln Not Applicable nL5N2F00YD

not disclosed

UK Pfizer and BioNTech Financial terms 30 mln Not Applicable nL5N2ER0L5

not disclosed

UK AstraZeneca 65.5 mln pounds in Up to 30 mln doses (part of a September nL8N2D05GK

total commitment to deliver 100 mln


Canada Pfizer and BioNTech Financial details Not specified Over the course of 2021 nL1N2F70NU

not disclosed

Canada Moderna Not specified Not specified Not Specified nL1N2F70NU

Japan Pfizer and BioNTech Financial details 120 mln First half of 2021 nL3N2F23NF

were not disclosed

Japan Johnson & Johnson In talks Not Applicable Not Applicable nL2N2EN1CP

Japan AstraZeneca In talks Not Applicable Not Applicable nL4N2E319J

Israel Arcturus Therapeutics Supply agreement Not Applicable Not Applicable nGNX55Q44V

Holdings Inc to be finalized

Israel Moderna Financial terms Not Applicable Not Applicable nL8N2DU5IZ

were not disclosed

Reporting By Mrinalika Roy, Manojna Madippatla and Trisha Roy in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila