February 9, 2018 / 10:33 AM / 5 months ago

RPT-ICRA ratings for Indian debt instruments-Feb 9

 (Repeating to add additional ratings)
    Feb 9 (Reuters) - Below are the ratings awarded by Investment Information Credit Rating
Agency Ltd. (ICRA) for local debt instruments as of February 8, 2018.

COMPANY                                 INSTRUMENT            RATING      AMOUNT   MOVEMENT
------                                  ----------            ------      -----    ---------
Ace Designers Ltd                       ST FB Fac             ICRA A1+     300     Reaffirmed
Big Tiles                               Non-fund Based BG     ICRA A4      15      Reaffirmed
Electromech Material Handling           Non-fund based- LOC/BGICRA A3+     600     Reaffirmed
Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
K. C. Ferro & Rerolling Mills           Non-fund based- BG    ICRA A4      4.3     ISSUER NOT
Pvt Ltd                                                                            COOPERATING
Kss Abhishek Safety Systems             Non-fund Based        ICRA A2      40      Upgraded
Pvt Ltd                                 Working Capital Fac                        from ICRA A3
removed from issuer not cooperating category
Lucky Ply & Laminates                   Non-fund Based –      ICRA A4      70      Reaffirmed
                                        Inland/Import LOC
Padmavati Decor Pvt Ltd                 Non-fund Based –      ICRA A4      75      Reaffirmed
                                        Inland/Import LOC
Pankaj Steel Corporation                Non-fund based-       ICRA A4      80      ISSUER NOT
                                        Import LOC                                 COOPERATING
Pvr Ltd                                 CP                    ICRA A1+     1500    Reaffirmed
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank              CD Programme          ICRA A1      5000    Assigned
Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd           Non-fund based        ICRA A3      15      Upgraded
                                        Working Capital Fac                        from ICRA A4+
Zeta Microns Llp                        Non-fund based – BG   ICRA A4      8       Assigned
Archies Limited                         Commercial Paper      ICRA A3+             Withdrawn

Ace Designers Ltd                       LT FB Fac             ICRA AA-     50      Reaffirmed
Big Tiles                               FB CC                 ICRA B+      45      Reaffirmed
Big Tiles                               FB TL                 ICRA B+      4.2     Reaffirmed
Big Tiles                               Unallocated Limits    ICRA B+      92.1    Reaffirmed
                                                              /ICRA A4
Brisk Facilities (Sugar                 Fund based-Working    ICRA B       1050    Assigned
Division) Pvt Ltd                       Capital
Electromech Material Handling           Fund based-TL         ICRA BBB     200     Reaffirmed
Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Electromech Material Handling           Fund based- Working   ICRA BBB     400     Reaffirmed
Systems (India) Pvt Ltd                 Capital Fac
Electromech Material Handling           Fund based-UnallocatedICRA BBB     50      Reaffirmed
Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Ge Power India Ltd (Erstwhile           FBL                   ICRA AA      350
Alstom India Ltd)
Ge Power India Ltd (Erstwhile           LT/ST NonFBL          ICRA AA      26500
Alstom India Ltd)                                             /ICRA A1+
Ge Power India Ltd (Erstwhile           Unallocated           ICRA AA      5150
Alstom India Ltd)                                             /ICRA A1+
Indian School Finance Company           NCD 174 Programme     ICRA BBB-    1740    Reaffirmed
Pvt Ltd
Indian School Finance Company           Bk Lines              ICRA BBB-    400     Reaffirmed
Pvt Ltd
Indian School Finance Company           Issuer Rating         ICRA BBB-            Reaffirmed
Pvt Ltd
K. C. Ferro & Rerolling Mills           Fund based - TL       ICRA B+      77.2    ISSUER NOT
Pvt Ltd                                                                            COOPERATING
K. C. Ferro & Rerolling Mills           Fund based - CC       ICRA B+      150     ISSUER NOT
Pvt Ltd                                                                            COOPERATING
Kss Abhishek Safety Systems             Unallocated           ICRA BBB+    60      Upgraded
Pvt Ltd                                                       /A2                  from ICRA
removed from issuer not cooperating category
Lucky Ply & Laminates                   FB – CC               ICRA BB      50      Reaffirmed
Padmavati Decor Pvt Ltd                 FB – CC               ICRA BB      100     Reaffirmed
Prataap Snacks Ltd                      LT Fundbased CC       ICRA A+      160     Upgraded
                                                                                   from ICRA A
Prataap Snacks Ltd                      LT Fund based TL      ICRA A+      420     Upgraded
                                                                                   from ICRA A
Pvr Ltd                                 NCD Programme         ICRA AA-     3600    Reaffirmed
Pvr Ltd                                 Fund based-TL         ICRA AA-     2190    Reaffirmed
Rkc Infrabuilt                          Fund based-TL         ICRA B-      363     Revised from
(Tarapur-Khambhat) Road                                                            ICRA D
Project Pvt Ltd
Tirupati Cotton                         Fund Based- Working   ICRA BB      85      Issuer Not
                                        Capital Fac                                Cooperating
Tirupati Cotton                         Fund Based- TL        ICRA BB      15      Issuer Not
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank              NCD Programme         ICRA A-      1170    outstanding
Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd           FB-Working Capital FacICRA BBB-    45      Upgraded
                                                                                   from ICRA BB+
Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd           FB – TL               ICRA BBB-    45      Upgraded
                                                                                   from ICRA BB+
Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd           Unallocated           ICRA         56.7    Upgraded
                                                              BBB-/ICRA A3         from ICRA
                                                                                   BB+/ICRA A4+
Yashodha Motors Pvt Ltd                 Fund Based- CC        ICRA BB-     115     Issuer Not
                                        Working Capital                            Cooperating
Yashodha Motors Pvt Ltd                 Fund Based- Inventory ICRA BB-     150     Issuer Not
                                        Funding Working                            Cooperating
Zeta Microns Llp                        FB – TL               ICRA B       74.7    Assigned
Zeta Microns Llp                        FB – Working Capital  ICRA B       28      Assigned
Archies Limited                         Non-fund Based        ICRA BBB     30      outstanding
Archies Limited                         Fund Based            ICRA BBB     300     outstanding
$: Rating watch with positive implication
#: Rating Watch with Developing implications
@: Rating Watch with Negative Implications
%: Rating under Credit Watch
wd -Rating Stands Withdrawn
sp -Rating Suspended
pp -Principal Protected
pn -Principal Not Protected

ICRA may apply + or - signs for ratings to reflect a comparative standing within the category.

BG-Bank Guarantee; CC-Cash Credit; CCPS-Cumulative Convertible Preference Share; CD-Certificate
of Deposit; CLO-Collateralized Loan Obligation; CPA-Claims Paying Ability; CP-Commercial
Paper; CPS-convertible preference shares; CRPS- Cumulative Redeemable Convertible Preference
shares; DDB-Deep Discount Bond; EPBI-Exchange premium bond; FBL-Fund Based Limits; FRB/FRN
-Floating Rate Bond/Note; ICD -Inter Corporate Deposit; ITD-Immediate Term Debt; LOC-Letter of
Credit; LT -Long Term; LTB -Long Term Borrowing; LTD -Long Term Debt; MOCD-multiple option
convertible debenture; MTD -Medium term Debenture; MTN-medium term notes; NCD(SO) -
Non-Convertible Debenture-(Structured Obligation); NCD-Non-convertible Debentures; NCRB-Non
Convertible Redeemable Bonds; NM-Not Meaningful; OCD-optionally convertible debenture; OD-Over
Draft; OFCD-Optionally Fully Convertible Debenture; PCD-Partially Convertible Debenture;
PCN-partly convertible notes; PCPS-Partly Convertible Preference Share; POCD-partly optional;
PP-privately placed; PSPC-Post Shipment & Packing Credit; PS-Preference Shares; PTC-Pass
Through Certificates; RPS-Redeemable Preference Shares; SCPN-secured convertible preference
notes; SDO-Structured Debt Obligation; SLR-Statutory Liquidity Ratio; SO-Structured
Obligation; SPCD - Secured Partly Convertible Debentures; SPN-secured premium notes; STB-Short
Term Bond; STD-Short Term Debentures; ST-Short Term; Sub. Bonds-Subordinate Bonds; TB-Taxable
Bond; TFB-Tax Free Bond; TL-Term Loan; TOCD-triple option convertible debentures.

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