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TABLE - Pakistan reserves decrease $356 mln to $11,798.4 week ending Oct 9

    KARACHI, Pakistan, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Pakistan's foreign
exchange reserves decrease $356 million to $11,798.4 million in
the week ending Oct 9, compared to $12,154.7 million in the
previous week, central bank said on Thursday.
     RESERVES        Week ending    Previous Week  Change/pct
   ($ billions)         Oct 9                      
 Held by the State  $11,798.4 mln   $12,154.7 mln     -2.9
 Bank of Pakistan                                  
      Held by       $7,217.1 mln    $7,196.3 mln       0.2
 commercial banks                                  
       Total        $19,015.5 mln   $19,351.0 mln     -1.7
    During week ending October 9, State Bank made external debt
repayments of $507 million. 
    After accounting for official inflows, reserves decrease by
$356 million, the central bank said on Thursday.  

 (Reporting by Syed Raza Hassan)