IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

Nov 12 (Reuters) - Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some engaging stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background to help you understand world events. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

Palestinian baker keeps lion cubs as pets on Gaza rooftop

KHAN YOUNIS, Nov 11 - On the roof of an apartment block in one of Gaza’s most crowded cities, two lion cubs prowl among the water tanks and dine on slaughtered chickens as children take selfies. (PALESTINIANS-GAZA/LION (TV, PIX), by Nidal al-Mughrabi, 437 words)

Scientists watch as China remote glaciers melt at ‘shocking’ pace

QILIAN MOUNTAINS, Nov 9 - Glaciers in China’s bleak Qilian mountains are disappearing at a shocking rate as global warming brings unpredictable change and raises the prospect of crippling, long-term water shortages, scientists say. (CLIMATE-CHANGE/CHINA-GLACIER (UPDATE 1, PIX, TV, GRAPHIC), by Martin Quin Pollard, 703 words)

Captain’s Corner: Grounded Malaysian pilot’s noodle stall takes off

SUBANG JAYA, Nov 10 - Every morning, Malaysian pilot Azrin Mohamad Zawawi puts on his white uniform and black captain’s hat before heading to work. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/MALAYSIA-PILOT (TV, PIX), by Ebrahim Harris, 294 words)

‘I just couldn’t be silent’: How American women decided the 2020 presidential race

ARCHBALD, Nov 7 - Marygrace Vadala’s 82-year-old mother had been a fan of President Donald Trump since his days hosting the reality TV show “The Apprentice.” She enthusiastically voted for him in 2016. (USA-ELECTION/WOMEN (INSIGHT, PIX), by Mica Rosenberg, Gabriella Borter, P.J. Huffstutter, Mimi Dwyer and Chris Kahn, 2848 words)

Afghan woman shot, blinded, for getting a job

KABUL, Nov 10 - The last thing 33-year-old Khatera saw were the three men on a motorcycle who attacked her just after she left her job at a police station in Afghanistan’s central Ghazni province, shooting at her and stabbing her with a knife in the eyes. (AFGHANISTAN-TALIBAN/WOMEN (UPDATE 1, PIX), by Abdul Qadir Sediqi, 741 words)

Portugal’s shoemakers switch from fancy to comfy to survive pandemic

FELGUEIRAS, Nov 11 - Weddings were postponed, cocktail parties cancelled and work events replaced by video calls. With social gatherings severely curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have been buying far fewer shoes. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/PORTUGAL-SHOES (TV, PIX), by Catarina Demony and Miguel Pereira, 587 words)

Remote Canadian town programs radar to spot approaching polar bears

CHURCHILL, Nov 10 - Along the frosty coast of Hudson Bay, hundreds of polar bears have been wandering for weeks, waiting for the wintertime sea ice to form so they can return to hunting ringed seals. (CANADA-ARCTIC/POLAR BEARS (PIX, TV), by Gloria Dickie, 953 words)

Kylie heads back to dancefloor with new album ‘Disco’

LONDON, Nov 10 - Since Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue played her parents’ ABBA and Donna Summer records as a child, disco music has always been a part of her. (MUSIC-KYLIE MINOGUE/DISCO (TV, PIX), by Sarah Mills, 304 words)

As African penguin population dwindles, researchers plan new colony

CAPE TOWN, Nov 9 - South African researchers plan to release scores of abandoned, hand-reared African penguin chicks at the Western Cape’s De Hoop nature reserve, boosting efforts to start a new breeding colony of the seabirds at risk of extinction. (SAFRICA-PENGUINS/ (TV, PIX), by Wendell Roelf, 310 words)

Rio’s samba scene struggles to find a tune after COVID-19 batters Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov 7 - After months of coronavirus-induced inactivity, Rio de Janeiro’s legendary samba scene is tentatively tiptoeing back to life, offering a sliver of hope to those whose livelihoods depend on the traditional Afro-Brazilian musical genre. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/BRAZIL-SAMBA SCHOOLS (PIX, TV), by Sergio Queiroz, 304 words)


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