The Road to Brexit

From Reuters Graphics Brexit and the City With only six months until Britain is due to leave the European Union, there are still critical questions over the long-term future of London as the bloc's pre-eminent financial centre. The latest Reuters assessment of the City's fortunes shows a slowdown in some areas, while others are thriving despite the uncertainty VIEW INTERACTIVE › Related Coverage:

Future of Europe


An anti-Brexit protester waves a flag opposite the Houses of Parliament in...

Commentary: Why Britain’s economy will be more European after Brexit

The black hole that is Brexit is now exerting its gravitational pull on the UK budget. Beset by uncertainties about reaching a deal with the EU, chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond is expected to stall when he presents his plans to the House of Commons on Oct. 29 – doing as little as possible. But that will only postpone a looming confrontation with fiscal reality, which will dash Brexiter hopes and confound European fears of Britain turning into a low-tax competitor outside the EU. Instead the British state will turn more European with higher levels of tax and spending.

An anti-Brexit protester waves an EU flag opposite the Houses of Parliament...

Commentary: Why the EU should cut Brexit Britain a break

In scarcely more than six months Britain will leave the European Union. That departure on March 29, 2019 could be toxic and disruptive through a failure to reach a deal, hurting Britain most of all, but the EU as well. Or there could be an amicable parting of the ways. For this to happen European leaders meeting in Salzburg this week must now give some ground as the negotiations enter their final stage.

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May sees 'no alternative' to her Brexit plan

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she sees no alternative to the Brexit deal she presented earlier this week, amid reports that some of her senior ministers want her to renegotiate the draft agreement before meeting EU leaders next weekend.


Gove says he has confidence in PM

Eurosceptic minister Michael Gove says he has confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May and is focused on working for a good deal for Britain as it leaves the European Union


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