Commentary: How to ‘fix’ social media without censorship


The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal may have changed the way millions of people perceive the risks to privacy when they go online. But it could have obscured an equally profound digital age debate: widespread resistance to internet companies’ role as the global speech police of the digital age. The future of free speech depends on getting this debate right.


Commentary: Trump’s dangerous approach to the ‘supreme court’ of global trade

Nominations for the U.S. Supreme Court are intense, partisan battles. The stakes are high, and political actors go all out to win. By contrast, appointments to international courts tend to be more diplomatic affairs, as the issues are narrower and the courts have less power.


Commentary: The outsized power of Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Closing a major university is a big deal. Created, staffed and maintained at large, usually public, expense, universities serve both a utilitarian and an idealistic purpose: to provide the highly-educated workforce modern economies require, and to uphold and further civilized values through the understanding of the world the various academic disciplines claim to provide.


Commentary: I’m a doctor caring for opioid-addicted newborns. Here’s what I need to help them.

I live in the heartland of the opioid epidemic on the Vermont-New Hampshire border, where I practice and teach medical students and residents in a hospital nursery. Ten percent of newborns here are physically dependent on opioids due to maternal use during pregnancy. That’s two kids in each kindergarten class. Or, to look further into the future, about 50 kids in our local high school. What will school be like for them? Home? How will they fare?


Commentary: Five questions on North Korea and the science of denuclearization

Donald Trump announced after Tuesday’s Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un that the North Korean leader had signed an “unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.” However, the U.S. president warned that “scientifically, [denuclearization] takes a long time.”


Commentary: Why this wasn’t Kim’s father’s – or grandfather’s – summit

The joint statement issued by the American and North Korean leaders after Tuesday’s Singapore summit is a shorter and weaker version of promises made by Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather – and those made by the younger Kim to South Korean President Moon Jae-in less than two months ago.


Commentary: Whatever happens next, the Trump-Kim summit is a win

In the end, diplomacy can work – as a process, not an event. There is no Big Bang theory of nuclear diplomacy. If no further progress is made toward peace on the Korean peninsula, all this – the back-and-forth, the Moon-Kim meetings, the Singapore summit itself – is at worst another good start that faded. It is more likely, however, a turning point.


Commentary: Iraq’s election could yet be won by Iran

The battle to determine the composition of the next Iraqi government has not yet been won, but Iran could secure a strategic victory in the face of lackluster engagement by the United States. Senior U.S. foreign policy officials are distracted by the upcoming summit with North Korea, while those assigned to push back against Iranian influence are solely focused on re-imposing sanctions – failing to appreciate the significance of this potential turning point for Tehran’s regional influence.


Commentary: China-U.S. trade talks miss a key point

Amid tough talk and unveiled political positioning, China and the United States went through another round of trade talks earlier this month. Sadly, yet perhaps unsurprisingly, negotiators struggled to find common ground.

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