Commentary: Don’t cheer Greece’s bailout exit just yet


For once Europe has an exit to celebrate rather than dread. On Monday, more than eight years after its first euro zone bailout, Greece left its third financial rescue program. This is a welcome Grexit, but before popping open the champagne it’s important to remember that Athens remains in thrall to its European creditors, who have failed to put the Greek economy on a sustainable footing.


Commentary: Trump’s botched Turkey policy

The crisis between the United States and Turkey, a NATO ally and traditional bulwark of American policy in the Middle East, is serious. While the relationship between them has often been fraught, the two countries have generally managed to keep difficulties within acceptable limits. No longer.


Commentary: It shouldn’t be so hard to give money to charity

Just days before leading France to the World Cup soccer quarterfinals, striker Kylian Mbappe committed to donating his entire tournament earnings to charity. Soon after Mbappe’s announcement, retired English athlete Gary Neville reminded the public that England’s players have been donating their match fees for years.


Commentary: The new face of Afghanistan’s war

On the streets of the city of Ghazni this week, Afghan troops and Taliban fighters battled for the future of Afghanistan.


Commentary: Five myths about U.S. aid to Egypt

August 14 marks the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Cairo’s Rabaa and Nahda Squares, in which Egyptian security forces killed at least 800 supporters of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Mursi and injured thousands more. The Obama administration responded by reviewing military assistance to Egypt and withholding delivery of fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, and missiles. Yet Barack Obama eventually yielded to Egyptian complaints and lifted the arms holds, despite the growing repress


Commentary: Alex Jones and Boris Johnson – pioneers in the new politics

Two men of influence – the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the politician Boris Johnson – now face media bans and/or ridicule for what they saw as speaking their minds. Both, though quite different in background, manner and actions, are pioneers in the new politics.


Commentary: How the White House is rewriting the law to curb asylum seekers

President Donald Trump wants to end asylum for Central Americans to keep his campaign promise of halting immigration along the southwest U.S. border. Yet that goal runs afoul of U.S. immigration law, which allows people to enter the United States to seek asylum if they are at a U.S. port of entry or already in the country.


Commentary: China’s plans to reshape the world

Ten years ago on Wednesday, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics showcased a fast-growing, economically powerful China with unmistakable ambitions to be a major global player. Just a few days ago, the Chinese authorities demolished the studio of artist Ai Weiwei, designer of the Games' iconic “bird’s nest” stadium and now an exiled dissident in Germany. It was the latest sign of how the world’s most populous country has evolved under President Xi Jinping – simultaneously more self-confid


Commentary: China could yet win Trump’s trade war

If you want to know why Donald Trump shouldn’t expect to win a trade war against China, look no further than Alibaba, the country’s giant e-commerce version of Amazon. Last month, I had two in-depth conversations with Ming Zeng, the e-commerce giant’s head of strategic planning and among the smartest minds in business and finance in China. Ming made it clear that China has little real need for America any more – not U.S. products, but especially not U.S. ideas. When thwarted, China has shown it


Commentary: Steve Bannon’s boost to Europe’s far right

The various movements gathered under the name of Europe’s “far right” have not risen like a straight line on a graph. There have been – still are – lows as well as highs. Yet there is a new sense of purpose, thanks to a new movement – called “The Movement,” and launched by former Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon – and to Hungarian premier Viktor Orban’s call to the right to “concentrate our strength” on the May 2019 elections to the European Parliament.

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