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Aware, Inc., incorporated on March 28, 1986, is a provider of software and services to the biometrics industry. The Company's software products are used in government and commercial biometrics systems to identify or authenticate people. The Company's products provide biometric functionality and are used to capture, verify, format, compress and decompress biometric images, as well as aggregate, analyze, process, match and transport those images within biometric systems. The Company sells its biometrics software products and services through systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and directly to end user customers.

Software products

The Company sells a range of biometrics software products for fingerprint, facial and iris modalities. The Company's software products enable functions in biometrics systems, including enrollment, analysis and processing of biometric images and data on workstations or mobile devices; integration of peripheral biometric capture devices; centralized workflow, transaction processing and subsystem integration; matching of biometric samples against biometric databases to authenticate or verify identities, and analysis and processing of text-based identity data. Its biometrics software products range from discrete software blocks, such as software development kits (SDKs) that customers can use to develop their own solutions, to complete applications that customers can use to reduce or eliminate their development times. Its products are Biometric Services Platform (BioSP), Biometric Search and Match, Text Search and Identity Analytics SDKs, Biometric Applications, Biometric Enrollment SDKs and Mobile Biometrics.

The Company's BioSP product is a service-oriented platform used to enable a biometric system with biometric data processing and management functionality in a Web services architecture. It provides workflow, data management and formatting, and other utilities for fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition systems. BioSP is suited for applications that require the collection of biometrics throughout a distributed network, and subsequent aggregation, analysis, processing, distribution, matching and sharing of data with other system components. BioSP is modular, programmable, scalable and secure, capable of managing all aspects of transaction workflow, including messaging, submissions, responses and logging. BioSP makes use of open-source components. As of December 31, 2016, it had three types of biometric search and match products, including Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), Biometric Search and Match SDKs, and Interoperable Fingerprint Matching SDK.

The Company's ABIS product offering is called Astra. Astra is used for fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, and text-based name matching and identity resolution. It is a biometric identification and authentication platform that performs one-to-many search or one-to-one match against stores of biometrics and other identity data. Its line of biometric search and match SDKs is call Nexa and it includes NexaaFingerprint, NexaaFace, and NexaaIris. These products provide biometric algorithms for fingerprint, facial and iris identification or authentication. The algorithms in these products convert images into biometric templates, which can then be compared to templates stored in databases to find matches. Each Nexa SDK can be deployed on a workstation or a server, either as a standalone biometric search/match application programming interface (API), or in combination with its other SDKs, applications, BioSP, or Astra products. Its product offering in Interoperable Fingerprint Matching SDK category is called AwareXM. AwareXM is an SDK that provides fingerprint minutiae extraction, template generation and fingerprint authentication.

The Company's product offering in Text Search and Identity Analytics SDKs category is called Inquire. Inquire is a software development kit that performs fuzzy text-based filtering, searching, matching and linking functions towards discovery of information in identity data. Analysis of text-based identity data is complementary to biometric verification and identification, and Inquire is optimized for processing and analysis of data that includes biometrics. Inquire provides various text matching comparison algorithms and flexibility in how matching algorithms behave (thresholds, data definitions). It can be used to perform analysis of text-based identity data for various investigative applications, including data analysis and quality assurance, data integration, identity resolution and link analysis. Inquire is fully scalable with infrastructure that automatically determines processing resources and optimizes their utilization.

The Company's products in Biometric Applications category combine user interfaces with multiple software products to create complete applications that operate on client workstations or mobile devices. Its enrollment application products include Universal Registration Client (URC) and WebEnroll. URC is a configurable Windows-based enrollment application that performs a range of biometric data capture, analysis, matching, formatting and hardware abstraction functions. WebEnroll is a browser-based enrollment application available as an option with BioSP that captures biographic data, fingerprints, facial images and iris images. Its fingerprint card products include FormScannerSE and FormScannerMB. FormScannerSE is designed for one-at-a-time, assisted scan and entry processing of fingerprint cards, such as for manual data entry of scanned card batches. It can also be used for manual rework, such as crop region adjustments. FormScannerMB is designed for multi-batch scanning of cards in an automated fashion, and provides features useful for processing, such as support for automatic document feeding and real-time image quality feedback.

Its forensic analysis and quality assurance products include WorkbenchSuite of products. WorkbenchSuite is a family of .NET workstation applications that are designed to be used by an operator to analyze and repair or otherwise process digital records containing biometric images and data. The suite comprises Forensic Workbench, which is used for the categorization, processing and formatting of biometric images and demographic data; Sequence Workbench, which is used for the detection and assisted repair of fingerprint records containing sequence errors; CrosslinkWorkbench, which is used for assisting with identifying and repairing of crosslink errors in ANSI/NIST ITL transactions, and FaceWorkbench, which enables an analyst to analyze and process candidates returned from a biometric face search. Its URCaTactical is a software application for performing biometric enrollment, identification and screening on ruggedized mobile biometric devices, such as those used by military personnel in the field. It allows the operator to capture both biographic and biometric data from subjects and then match the biometric information to onboard watch lists and known mission-encountered individuals.

The Company's SDKs consist of multiple software libraries; sample applications that show customers how to use the libraries, and documentation. Customers use its SDKs to design and develop biometrics applications. Its suite of enrollment SDKs performs a range of functions that are critical to biometric enrollment, including image capture, image quality assurance, image formatting and image compression. Its enrollment SDK products include Biometric Capture and Hardware Abstraction, which includes LiveScan API, PreFace, IrisCheck and SequenceCheck; Data Formatting and Validation, which includes NISTPack, ICAOPack and PIVPack; Fingerprint Enrollment Bundle, which includes CaptureSuite, a bundle of software development kits that support the development of applications with functionality for capture of either live scan or card scan fingerprint images; Fingerprint Cards, which includes AccuScan and AccuPrint; Image Compression, which includes Aware WSQ1000 and Aware JPEG2000, and Controls and applets, which consists of its BioComponents line of products. Its BioComponents products allow customers to develop biometric enrollment applications. It offers FIDOSuite of software products for biometric authentication on mobile devices. Its FIDOSuite includes Aware FIDO Face Authenticator, Aware FIDO Client and Aware FIDO Server. It also offers various other products for mobile biometric enrollment and search, including URCaMobile, a software application for capturing fingerprint and facial images on an Android smart phone or tablet using its onboard camera and a tethered fingerprint capture device, and Mobile SDKs, which includes NexaaFace Mobile, NexaaFingerprint Mobile, PreFace Mobile, LiveScan API Mobile, NISTPack Mobile, WSQ1000 Mobile and AwareXM Mobile. In addition to its biometrics software products, the Company also sells products used in applications involving medical and imaging. Its principal imaging product is Aware JPEG 2000, which is used to compress, store and display images.

Software maintenance

The Company also sells software maintenance contracts to its customers purchasing software licenses. These contracts have a one-year term during which customers have the right to receive technical support and software updates, if and when they become available. Customers tend to renew maintenance contracts during the period of time that its software is being used in their biometrics systems.


The Company offers a range of software engineering services, including project planning and management; system design; software design, development, customization, configuration and testing, and software integration and installation. Its customers for services include government agencies; multinational systems integrators; smaller systems integrators with a particular market, technology or geographic focus, and commercial providers of products, solutions and services. The Company provides services directly to end users or indirectly to end users through systems integrators.

Hardware products

Under a contract, the Company supplies hardware products integrating the biometrics software system. It integrates the software with hardware purchased from third parties; software purchased from third parties, and some of its biometrics software products.

The Company competes with Safran SA, 3M Cogent Inc., NEC Corporation, Cognitec Systems GmbH, Neurotechnology, Iritech, Inc. and Innovatrics s.r.o.

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