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13 Jul 2018
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Fluidigm Corporation, incorporated on March 29, 2007, creates, manufactures and markets technologies and life science tools focused on the exploration and analysis of single cells, as well as the industrial application of genomics, based upon the Company's core microfluidics and mass cytometry technologies. The Company sells instruments and consumables, including integrated fluidic circuits, assays and reagents, to academic institutions, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural biotechnology (Ag-Bio) companies. The Company operates in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of life science tools for the life science and Ag-Bio industries segment. The Company offers various types of products, which include preparatory instruments, preparatory analytical instruments, analytical instruments, integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), and assays and reagents.

The Company's preparatory instruments include C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System, Access Array System, Juno System and IFCs, and Callisto System and IFC. C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System is a sample preparation system that isolates and processes individual cells for genomic analysis. It can be used in single-cell targeted gene expression; single-cell micro ribonucleic acid (microRNA) analysis; single-cell mRNA sequencing; single-cell targeted de-oxy ribonucleic acid (DNA) sequencing; single-cell whole Exome sequencing, single-cell whole Genome DNA sequencing, single-cell epigenetics and single-cell protein expression. Access Array System is a sample preparation system that enables automated polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based target enrichment, barcoding and tagging of targeted sequencing libraries and facilitates parallel amplification of approximately 480 amplicons across over 50 different samples. Access Array System can be used for targeted resequencing with next-generation DNA sequencing.

Juno System and IFCs is a system that automates the preparation of samples for genomic analysis. The system automates PCR-based target enrichment, barcoding, and tagging of targeted sequencing libraries utilizing Targeted Sequencing Prep chemistry and IFCs. The Targeted Sequencing Prep IFCs and chemistry facilitate parallel amplification of approximately 5,000 amplicons across over 50 unique samples, or approximately 2,500 amplicons across over 190 unique samples. Juno also automates workflows for PCR-based gene expression and genotyping, preparing the Flex Six, 48.48 and 96.96 IFCs for both gene expression and genotyping. The Juno genotyping IFC incorporates preamplification for genotyping of challenging and low-concentration DNA samples, genotyping of approximately 100 samples and over 100 assays on a single IFC. Juno System and IFCs' applications include SNP genotyping and targeted resequencing with next-generation DNA sequencing. Callisto System and IFC is an integrated system and IFC that enable automated cell culture and combinatorial dosing on a single device. Its applications include stem cell reprogramming and differentiation.

The Company's preparatory analytical instruments include Polaris System and IFC, a system and IFC that incorporate cell selection, isolation, imaging, dosing, culture and processing of single cells for downstream molecular biology and analysis techniques preparation into a single workflow. Polaris System and IFC has applications in functional genomics using single-cell mRNA sequencing.

The Company's analytical instruments include Biomark HD System, EP1 System and Helios/CyTOF 2 System. Biomark HD System is a real-time PCR analytical instrument for gene expression analysis, single-cell targeted gene expression analysis, microRNA analysis, SNP genotyping and digital PCR. EP1 System is an end-point PCR analytical instrument that performs SNP genotyping and end-point digital PCR. Helios/CyTOF 2 System is a mass cytometry instrument that performs single-cell protein analysis by analyzing cells labeled with a panel of reagents conjugated to stable metal isotopes.

The Company offers IFCs, which are manufactured using multi-layer soft lithography technology (MSL) technology, to create valves, chambers, channels and other fluidic components on IFCs that allow nanoliter quantities of fluids to be manipulated within the IFC. Products under IFCs include C1 IFCs, Access Array IFC, Dynamic Array IFCs, Digital Array IFCs, Flex Six IFC and High-Throughput C1 mRNA Sequencing IFC. C1 IFCs capture and prepare individual cells for genomic analysis and uses integrated thermal and pneumatic controls at nanoliter scale to perform all the steps of the single-cell genomic workflow without intervention. It is designed to maximize cell capture efficiency, based on cell size (5 to 25 micron) and is available in approximately three sizes per application. Access Array IFC facilitates parallel amplification, barcoding, and tagging of over 50 different samples and designed to enable recovery of reaction products from the IFC for sequencing.

Dynamic Array IFCs are based on matrix architecture, allowing users to individually assay approximately 50 samples against over 50 assays; individually assay approximately 100 samples against over 96 assays, or individually assay approximately 190 samples against over 20 assays. Digital Array IFCs are based on partitioning architecture, allowing users to divide samples into approximately 770 chambers in each of over 50 panels for approximately 36,960 reactions per IFC. It is used for digital PCR, copy number variation and mutation detection. Flex Six IFC incorporates over six 12X12 partitions that can be organized in any configuration, in approximately six separate experimental runs. High-Throughput C1 mRNA Sequencing IFC is an IFC that enables sequencing transcriptomes of approximately 800 single cells.

Under assays and reagents, the Company offers Delta Gene and SNP Type Assays, Access Array Target-Specific Primers and Targeted Sequencing Prep Primers, and Maxpar Reagents. Delta Gene and SNP Type Assays are custom designed assays for specific nucleic acid regions of interest, providing assays, content and services to users of Biomark and EP1 systems. Access Array Target-Specific Primers and Targeted Sequencing Prep Primers are custom designed amplicon-library preparation assays for use with Access Array IFCs on the Access Array or Juno systems. Maxpar Reagents are pre-conjugated metal-labeled antibodies for functional and phenotypic profiling of single cells, application specific panel kits and reagents for custom antibody labeling and nucleic acid staining.

The Company's other products include Imaging Mass Cytometer (IMC) instrument and reagents, Laser Ablation Module and Additional Maxpar Reagents. IMC instrument and reagents is a platform instrument that enables simultaneous measurements of over 30 proteins in complex tissue samples or cell suspensions deposited on a microscopy slide, with spatial resolution provided by analysis of individual one micrometer pixels. The platform consists of a laser ablation module, capable of generating non-overlapping single shot ablation plumes at a frequency of approximately 100 Hertz and higher, and Helios system.

The Company competes with 10X Genomics, Inc., Affymetrix, Inc., Agena Bioscience, Inc., Agilent Technologies, Inc., Becton, Dickinson and Company, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Illumina, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., LGC Limited, Luminex Corporation, Millipore Corporation, NanoString Technologies, Inc., PerkinElmer, Inc., RainDance Technologies, Inc., Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Sony Corporation and WaferGen Bio-systems, Inc.

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