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UPDATE 1-Japan spot LNG contract price falls to 18 month low in Feb

11 Mar 2019

TOKYO, March 11 The average contract price for spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes shipped to Japan last month fell to the lowest level in 18 months, according to data released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Commonwealth LNG finds European demand for gas from Louisiana terminal -CEO

20 Feb 2019

TOKYO, Feb 20 Commonwealth LNG has received commitments from European buyers to take almost half of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its planned 8.4-million-tonnes-per-year export terminal in Louisiana, Chief Executive Officer Paul Varello said on Wednesday.

Japan threatens to cut solar power subsidies, angering investors

21 Nov 2018

TOKYO The Japanese government is threatening to cut existing solar power project subsidies angering the power producers and investors that say the cuts will undermine their profitability and violate earlier agreements.

Japan approves extension for reactor damaged in 2011 quake, tsunami

07 Nov 2018

TOKYO Japan's nuclear regulator has approved an operations extension for a 40-year-old reactor near Tokyo that was damaged in the same earthquake and tsunami that sparked the Fukushima disaster nearly eight years ago, a move likely to be controversial.

Japan approves extension for reactor similar to Fukushima units that melted down

07 Nov 2018

TOKYO, Nov 7 Japan's nuclear regulator approved an extension of operations for a 40-year-old reactor near Tokyo that has the same basic design as those that melted down in the Fukushima crisis nearly eight years ago, a move that is likely to be controversial.

Factbox: Outlook for Japan nuclear restarts

05 Nov 2018

TOKYO Detailed findings from a Reuters reactor-by-reactor analysis of Japan's nuclear sector show Japan may get as few as six more reactors operating in the next five years and will miss a government target to have 30 operating by 2030.

Factbox - Outlook for Japan nuclear restarts

31 Oct 2018

TOKYO Detailed findings from a Reuters reactor-by-reactor analysis of Japan's nuclear sector show Japan may get as few as six more reactors operating in the next five years and will miss a government target to have 30 operating by 2030.

Japan's nuclear industry growing, but slower than government hoped

31 Oct 2018

TOKYO Japan's resurgent nuclear industry will miss a government target of providing at least a fifth of the country's electricity by 2030, a Reuters analysis shows.

FACTBOX-Outlook for Japan nuclear restarts

31 Oct 2018

By Aaron Sheldrick and Osamu Tsukimori TOKYO, Oct 31 Detailed findings from a Reuters reactor-by-reactor analysis of Japan's nuclear sector show Japan may get as few as six more reactors operating in the next five years and will miss a government target to have 30 operating by 2030. The findings follow a reactor-by reactor review of all units that have not won the final green light to restart, looking at legal, disaster and political risks, along with a consideration of upgrade costs. Reuters reviewed thousands of documents submitted to the country's nuclear regulator, sent questionnaires to all operators and interviewed industry professionals, lawyers and other experts. Nuclear operators say they have spent or will probably spend 4 trillion yen ($36 billion) on safety upgrades to meet the new standards. This includes building tsunami protection barriers, beefing up buildings' seismic resistance, fireproofing wiring and upgrading piping and other equipment. The following table lays out the prospects for restarts for Japan's 38 reactors, based on the analysis. While the analysis was being done, Tohoku Electric announced plans to decommission the No. 1 reactor at its Onagawa station. The analysis had found that the reactor was unlikely to restart. Reactor Outlook Comment Upgrade costs Onagawa 2 Likely In final stages Tohoku Electric of safety says it has spent review. Restart 172 billion yen on possible next Onagawa, year Higashidori units Mihama 3 Likely Safety review Kansai Electric cleared, says it has spent lifetime 437 billion yen on extended. Kansai upgrades of Electric aims to Mihama, Takahama restart in late and Ohi plants March 2020 Takahama 1 Likely Safety review As above cleared, lifetime extended. Kansai Electric aims to restart in Oct 2019 Takahama 2 Likely Safety review As above cleared, lifetime extended. Restart May 2020 Shimane 2 Likely Safety review Chugoku Electric proceeding says it will spend without hitches, 500 billion yen on local support its only nuclear solid plant Higashidori Likely Regulator finds Tohoku Electric no active fault says it spent 172 after disputes. billion yen on Tohoku aims to Higashidori, finish safety Onagawa stations upgrades by 2021/2022, then restart Tomari 3 Uncertain Seismic Hokkaido Electric standards not says more than 200 set. Hokkaido billion yen on prioritising Tomari, its only this unit but nuclear plant Sept quake may affect seismic assessments. Tsunami wall may need replacing Onagawa 3 Uncertain Tohoku has not Tohoku Electric applied for says it spent 172 restart billion yen on Onagawa, Higashidori units Hamaoka Uncertain Little progress Chubu Electric Nos 3,4 on safety cites costs of 400 review. Quake, billion yen for tsunami Hamaoka; 22-metre projections not (72-feet) high set. Near major steel-concrete tectonic plate tsunami wall built boundaries. Local governor says no restart while he is in power, term expires in 2021. Tokai Daini Uncertain Cleared two Japan Atomic safety hurdles expects to spend and likely to 180 billion yen on get 20-year upgrades extension in November. Damaged in 2011 disaster, closest reactor to Tokyo, strong local opposition Kashiwazaki-K Uncertain Tepco clears Tepco expects to ariwa initial safety spend 680 billion Nos 6,7 review. Very yen on strong local Kashiwazaki-Kariwa opposition. upgrades Station damaged in 2007 quake. Many consider Tepco unfit to handle nuclear Tomari Unlikely Regulator Hokkaido Electric Nos 1,2 focusing on expects to spend possible active more than 200 faults right billion yen on beneath Tomari station reactors; September quake may affect assessments, tsunami wall may need tearing down Fukushima Unlikely Government has No costs for Daini called on Tepco upgrades given by Nos 1-4 to decommission Tepco reactors. Narrowly averted meltdowns in 2011 disaster Kashiwazaki-K Unlikely Station damaged Tepco expects to ariwa in 2007 quake. spend 680 billion Nos 1-5 Local mayor yen on calling for Kashiwazaki-Kariwa decommission of upgrades at least one of the units in exchange of backing No 6 or 7 restart Hamaoka No 5 Unlikely Seawater entered Chubu Electric reactor in 2011. cites costs of 400 Next to major billion yen for tectonic plate Hamaoka, 22-metre boundary. No (72-feet) high, restart steel-concrete application tsunami wall built Shika No 1 Unlikely Regulator finds The company says possible active to spend less than fault beneath 200 billion yen on reactor, which Shika station could force it to be scrapped Shika No 2 Unlikely Regulator finds As above possible active faults beneath reactor, which could force it to be scrapped Genkai Unlikely Small unit, no Kyushu Electric No 2 application for projects more than restart made 900 billion yen on Sendai, Genkai upgrade costs Tsuruga Unlikely Regulator found Japan Atomic No 2 possible active projects to spend fault in 2015. 90 billion yen on Japan Atomic upgrades contests finding Onagawa No 1 Scrapped Tohoku said on Utility has spent Oct. 25 it will 172 billion yen on scrap unit. Onagawa, Reuters analysis Higashidori showed it was unlikely to restart Takahama Restarted Both restarted Kansai Electric Nos 3, 4 operations in says it has spent 2017 437 billion yen on upgrades of Mihama, Takahama and Ohi plants Ohi Nos 3, 4 Restarted Both restarted As above operations in 2018 Ikata No 3 Restarted Operations began Shikoku Electric again in 2016. says to spend Legal obstacles about 190 billion removed yen on upgrades Genkai Restarted On first cycle Kyushu Electric Nos 3,4 after restart in projects more than 2018 900 billion yen for Sendai, Genkai upgrade costs Sendai Restarted First reactors Kyushu Electric Nos 1,2 to start in projects more than Japan under new 900 billion yen rules. Now on for Sendai, Genkai third cycle. upgrade costs ($1 = 111.8600 yen) (Reporting by Aaron Sheldrick and Osamu Tsukimori; Editing by Gerry Doyle)

Oil prices fall as focus switches to oversupply

26 Oct 2018

TOKYO, Oct 26 Oil prices eased on Friday and were heading for a third weekly loss after Saudi Arabia's OPEC governor said the market could be heading into oversupply, as growth concerns took a hit with a slump in global equities this week.

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