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Taliban welcome Trump tweet on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by Christmas

08 Oct 2020

KABUL The Taliban on Thursday welcomed an announcement by President Donald Trump on pulling out U.S. troops by Christmas.

Afghan police seize four tonnes of bomb-making chemical

28 Sep 2020

KABUL Afghan police seized four tonnes of sodium nitrate, used in the making of car bombs and improvised explosive devices, officials said, in one of the largest such seizures in the country's 19-year insurgency.

Coal miner's daughter comes top in Afghan university entrance exam

25 Sep 2020

KABUL The daughter of an Afghan coal miner has come top in the country's university entrance exam and set her sights on becoming a doctor.

Afghan woman prays that peace will save her fourth husband

22 Sep 2020

KABUL/JALALABAD, Afghanistan Heavily pregnant Taj Bibi prays for her fourth husband as the Afghan soldier sets off to battle the Taliban, hoping his fate won't be the same as that of his three brothers, her first three husbands, all killed fighting the militants.

Afghan peace negotiators far apart on basic issues such as ceasefire, women's rights

22 Sep 2020

KABUL The Afghan government and Taliban militants remain far apart on even the most basic issues a week into talks meant to end two decades of war that has killed tens of thousands of people, diplomats and negotiators say.

Fight and talk: Facing negotiations, Taliban almost took key Afghan city

14 Sep 2020

KABUL Khan Agha has endured years of violence in Kunduz, but it was the Taliban's attack on the strategic city in northeastern Afghanistan, as the government and insurgents were preparing for historic peace talks, that unnerved him.

Afghan forces, Taliban continue to clash even as peace talks start

13 Sep 2020

KABUL Taliban and Afghan government forces clashed across Afghanistan hours after the start of long-awaited peace talks in Doha on Saturday, officials said, underscoring the uphill challenge of settling a 19-year insurgency.

Prisoners sought by Taliban on flight to Doha, peace talks this weekend

11 Sep 2020

KABUL Six prisoners sought by the Taliban left Kabul on a flight to Doha on Thursday evening, two government sources told Reuters, as the insurgents confirmed they would start long-awaited peace talks on Saturday.

U.S. envoy meets new Taliban chief negotiator as Afghan peace talks near

08 Sep 2020

KABUL/PESHAWAR U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has held a meeting in Doha with the head of the new Taliban team due to open peace talks with a team representing the Afghan government, the Islamist insurgent group said on Tuesday.

Afghan officials primed for talks with Taliban after deal on prisoners: sources

03 Sep 2020

KABUL Afghan negotiators and senior officials will fly to Doha for peace talks with the Taliban after the two sides reached a compromise over the release of prisoners, diplomatic and government sources said.

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