Ana P. Santos

In Denmark, au pairs risk abuse in name of 'cultural exchange'

24 Sep 2016

COPENHAGEN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dressed in a red-and-black lumberjack shirt, jeans and sneakers, she looked more like 16 than her actual age of 19.

FEATURE-Women and infants in Philippines at higher risk of HIV from "downstream" infections

15 Feb 2016

CEBU, Philippines, Feb 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - W hen Clarissa's younger sister died, she had little time to dwell on her own grief. There were the three young children left behind to think of, two of them HIV positive.

Want more sex? Try using contraception, researchers say

28 Jan 2016

BALI, Indonesia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - If you're looking to boost your sex life, birth control may be the answer, health experts say.

Philippines contraception funding cut will fuel HIV and maternal deaths: activists

08 Jan 2016

MANILA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Philippines legislature's decision to eliminate funding for contraception will fuel HIV infections, maternal deaths and teen pregnancies, particularly among poor girls and women, reproductive rights advocates said on Friday.

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