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Aleppo's scattered business owners have yet to return home

17 Jun 2019

ALEPPO, Syria In the old khan, a stone courtyard off Aleppo's medieval souk, most of the 41 cloth shops are deserted. Many of the owners moved elsewhere or went abroad to escape fighting in the historic Syrian city, a major economic centre before the war.

Turkey, Russia dispute facts after attack on Turkish outpost in Syria

13 Jun 2019

ANKARA/BEIRUT Russia and Turkey, the two countries responsible for a rickety agreement to keep the peace along Syria's last major frontline, gave sharply conflicting accounts on Thursday of an attack on a Turkish military outpost.

In Syria's Aleppo, the customers are back in the bathhouse

09 May 2019

ALEPPO, Syria Swaddled in white towels, the Mansour and Wafai families sat in an arched alcove of Aleppo's Bab al-Ahmar public bathhouse, reviving their once-weekly tradition after years of war in Syria.

Living in the ruins of Aleppo's old frontline

07 May 2019

ALEPPO, Syria When Hassan Ahmed al-Aoul looks from his balcony in the historic Syrian city of Aleppo, little meets his gaze but ruins - great mounds of rubble where his neighbours' houses used to stand near an old frontline. | Video

Syria's lost heritage stands out in Aleppo's broken minarets

01 May 2019

ALEPPO, Syria The pencil minaret of the Ottoman Adliyeh mosque in Syria's Aleppo lists to one side and is scored by an ugly gash running down its flank, the result of bombing in the war. | Video

In east Aleppo, bodies still under rubble show limits of Syria's recovery

25 Apr 2019

ALEPPO, Syria The bodies of three-year-old Malak Kasas and two neighbours still lie under a pile of rubble in Aleppo's Kalasa district more than two years after the Syrian government recaptured the area. | Video

Flowers bloom in war-torn Syria's battered cities

16 Apr 2019

ALEPPO, Syria A mantle of gold smothers Aleppo's ruins, hiding the rubble and filling the craters with wild flowers that for a moment seem to transform a landscape scarred by war, destruction and death.

Fixing Lebanon's ruinous electricity crisis

30 Mar 2019

BEIRUT Lebanon's electricity crisis has pushed it to the brink of financial ruin, as power cuts hobble the economy and subsidies have racked up one of the world's largest public debt burdens.

Lebanon's new government to agree to economic reforms - Finance Minister

06 Feb 2019

BEIRUT Lebanon's new government will agree to implement all the economic reforms the country promised at an international donor meeting last year, its finance minister said on Tuesday after talks to set policy.

World Bank urges new Lebanese government to reform power sector

01 Feb 2019

BEIRUT Lebanon's new government should prioritize electricity reform after having spent months wrangling over the cabinet make-up, World Bank and U.N. officials said on Friday, seeking to address daily blackouts and massive costs to the state.

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