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Melanoma can occur on skin that doesn't get much sun

05 Jun 2019

Spending time in the sun without protection increases the risk of melanoma, but the potentially deadly skin cancer can occur even on sites with minimal sun exposure, doctors warn.

Light physical activity might help keep the brain young

15 May 2019

A recent study suggests that light physical activity may help stave off signs of aging in the brain.

GSK sees shingles vaccine sales rising, as free cash flow concerns weigh

01 May 2019

GlaxoSmithKline forecast on Wednesday that 2019 sales of its shingles vaccine would be more than 1 billion pounds ($1.3 billion) but the British drugmaker's shares slipped on concerns about its pharmaceutical business and free cash flow.

Dads' smoking linked with fetal heart problems

30 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - Unborn babies are at higher risk of heart defects not just when mothers smoke, but when fathers smoke, too, a new study suggests.

Cancer patients using alternative therapies may hesitate to tell doctors

26 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - One in three U.S. patients with a cancer diagnosis has recently used non-standard therapies to manage their disease - but many haven't told their doctors, survey data suggest.

Newer drugs fuel AstraZeneca quarterly sales beat

26 Apr 2019

AstraZeneca Plc beat first-quarter sales and earnings expectations on Friday as the British drugmaker benefited from a push into cancer drugs and emerging markets including China.

Childhood HPV vaccination 'profoundly' cuts cervical disease in young women

10 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - - Young women who received human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines as adolescents had significantly lower rates of a condition that's a precursor to cervical cancer, in a nationwide study in Scotland.

Students may feel safer with stricter gun laws

09 Apr 2019

U.S. adolescents living in states with stricter gun laws may feel safer at school, a survey of high school students suggests.

Living alone does not appear to worsen heart disease

20 Mar 2019

(Reuters Health) - For people with well-controlled heart disease, living alone isn't linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, a large study suggests.

Spending on abstinence-only education not tied to fewer teen births

05 Mar 2019

(Reuters Health) - U.S. government spending on abstinence-only education doesn't appear to reduce teen pregnancies and in some areas is having the opposite effect, a recent study suggests.

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