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One year after landmark ruling for LGBT+ rights in India, challenges persist

06 Sep 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's LGBT+ community on Friday celebrated the first anniversary of a historic judgment that decriminalized gay sex, but campaigners warned major hurdles lay ahead with same-sex marriage still "many years" away.

Indian state bans unnecessary surgery on intersex babies

28 Aug 2019

NEW DELHI, Aug 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An Indian state has banned sex assignment surgery on babies whose sex is not clear at birth, a health official said on Wednesday, in a first to protect intersex children.

'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages

27 Aug 2019

JHANSI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Her face veiled, Kiran Aherwal shoveled gravel into a broad platter, placed it on her head, then stepped off to help construct a new check dam in her thirsty village in central India.

With no phones or internet, Kashmiris struggle to reach families

16 Aug 2019

BANGKOK/ NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With no phones and internet for 10 days, Indians are using their feet, cars and planes to move essential supplies into Kashmir as it deals with a communications blackout on a scale rarely seen in today's world.

Job snubs to forced surgery: India's 'invisible' intersex people

16 Aug 2019

BANGALORE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Bullied at school, gang raped as a prostitute and asked about his genitals in job interviews, Daniel Mendonca - like many intersex people in India - has been mistreated all his life.

Indian teens learn about same-sex couples as attitudes shift

05 Aug 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian schoolchildren are learning about same-sex couples in a new textbook, in the latest sign of shifting attitudes in the socially conservative country following the decriminalisation of gay sex last year.

'Land of bachelors'? In parched central India, no water means no wife

05 Aug 2019

JHANSI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ram Hetu was sure his 16th proposal would finally secure him a wife, but it didn't - just like all his other attempts to find a partner in central India's Bundelkhand region, where years of drought and water scarcity are keeping possible brides at bay.

Indian MP draws parliament's ire over 'sexist' remark

26 Jul 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian lawmakers called on Friday for one of their colleagues to be punished for making sexist remarks to the house speaker, the second time he has been in hot water over his treatment of a female colleague.

Food for... trash? India's first 'garbage cafe' to offer meals for plastic

24 Jul 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Hungry, but don't have cash? No problem, bring plastic waste and get a free meal, said the mayor of an Indian city where the country's first "garbage cafe" will open next month.

India introduces new trans rights bill in parliament after backlash

19 Jul 2019

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's government on Friday presented a revised version of its transgender rights bill to parliament after criticism from the country's vibrant transgender community, who said sections of an earlier version would violate their rights.

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