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Kenyan police fire teargas, arrest marchers protesting at brutality

3:40pm IST

NAIROBI Kenyan police on Tuesday fired teargas and arrested activists gathering for a march against perceived government injustice that has been given extra impetus this year by allegations by rights groups of police brutality during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Kenya announces phased reopening from coronavirus lockdown

06 Jul 2020

NAIROBI Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta announced on Monday a phased reopening of the country from a COVID-19 lockdown, lifting restrictions on travel in and out of the capital Nairobi and allowing air travel to resume.

Slain Ethiopian singer electrified a generation with songs of freedom and protest

02 Jul 2020

ADDIS ABABA Imprisoned as a teenager for his political activism, singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa grew into one of Ethiopia's biggest stars and his songs became anthems for the young protesters who brought down one of Africa's most repressive regimes.

How to rid East Africa of locusts? Serve them in a kebab or drive them to cannibalism

02 Jul 2020

NAIROBI, Eat them, poison them, and use scent to drive them to cannibalism - as a second wave of locusts threatens to devour East Africa's crops, scientists in a Nairobi lab are experimenting with novel ways to kill them.

Amid lockdown, Kenyan medical startup brings clinic to your home

28 May 2020

NAIROBI Nathalie Maikere sat at her dining table, her two children playing video games a few feet away, as a doctor in a lab coat unpacked her medical bag and took her temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.

'No masks, no gloves': Kenyan government under fire over quarantine centres

27 May 2020

NAIROBIKenya's government is facing growing criticism over quarantine centres it set up to curb the spread of the coronavirus, with witnesses saying some are squalid and expose residents to the risk of catching COVID-19.

Coronavirus could kill up to 190,000 in Africa in first year if not contained: WHO

08 May 2020

NAIROBI The novel coronavirus could kill between 83,000 and 190,000 people in Africa in the first year and infect between 29 million and 44 million in the first year if it is not contained, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Kenya floods kill 194, people evacuated from risk areas near dams

06 May 2020

NAIROBI Floods and landslides in Kenya have killed nearly 200 people, displaced 100,000 and strained critical infrastructure, with unprecedentedly high water levels at two dams forcing the evacuation of villagers at risk, officials said on Wednesday.

Nairobi hair salon defies pandemic with 'coronavirus' style

30 Apr 2020

NAIROBI Through winces and grins, two girls wearing face masks and surrounded by posters of different hairstyles bowed their heads for their hairdressers. But the spiky look they were getting – "the coronavirus" – was still too new to appear on any poster. | Video

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