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CORRECTED-Benghazi port bustling again despite Libya's divisions

02 Sep 2019

BENGHAZI, Libya Sept 2 The commercial port in Libya's second city Benghazi is working round the clock three years after reopening, attempting to raise revenues for its restoration and expansion.

Car bomb explodes in Libya's Benghazi, killing 3 U.N. staff

11 Aug 2019

BENGHAZI, Libya A car bomb explosion in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi killed three U.N. staff members and two other mission members on Saturday, the United Nations said.

Eastern Libya, U.S. firm close to signing Libya port deal

06 Jul 2019

TUNIS/BENGHAZI, Libya Eastern Libyan authorities and U.S. security firm Guidry Group plan to finalise an agreement to develop a major port in the east of the troubled oil producer, both sides said.

Eastern Libyan forces will impose flight ban from Libya to Turkey - spokesman

29 Jun 2019

BENGHAZI, Libya Eastern Libyan forces loyal to commander Khalifa Haftar will ban any commercial flights from Libya to Turkey and Turkish ships from docking in the country, its spokesman Ahmed Mismari said on Friday.

Water supplies restored to besieged Libyan capital

21 May 2019

BENGHAZI, Libya Water supplies to the 2.5 million residents of Tripoli were restored two days after they were cut off by gunmen, officials said on Tuesday, allowing the besieged capital to escape shortages that could have caused a humanitarian crisis.

Tripoli government threatens to suspend foreign firms to pressure Europe

09 May 2019

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya Libya's internationally recognised government asked 40 foreign firms including French oil major Total to renew their licences or have their operations suspended, pressuring Europe to stop an eastern military offensive against Tripoli.

Libya's Haftar orders troops to fight harder during Ramadan

06 May 2019

BENGHAZI/TRIPOLI Eastern Libyan forces commander Khalifa Haftar urged his troops trying to take Tripoli to battle harder and teach their enemies an even bigger lesson, because the Muslim month of Ramadan that begins on Monday was a month of holy war.

UPDATE 2-Nine soldiers killed in south Libya attack on Haftar camp - hospital

04 May 2019

BENGHAZI/TRIPOLI, May 4 Nine soldiers were killed on Saturday in an attack claimed by Islamic State on a training camp belonging to the eastern Libyan forces of Khalifa Haftar, hospital authorities said.

Guards repel assault on Libya's biggest oilfield

30 Apr 2019

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya An armed group attacked Libya's largest oilfield but was repelled after clashes with its protection force on Monday, while fighting escalated in eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar's effort to capture the capital, Tripoli.

Eastern Libyan forces plan to intensify Tripoli offensive

23 Apr 2019

BENGHAZI, Libya/TRIPOLI Eastern Libyan forces said on Monday they would intensify an assault on Tripoli, the capital in the west of the country that is held by the internationally recognised government, as the death toll in a battle now in its third week rose to 254.

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