Blaise Eyong

Cameroon sanctuary for rescued apes threatened by COVID-19

29 Apr 2020

LIMBE, Cameroon Each morning, Malaika, an 18-year-old Mandrill monkey in western Cameroon with thick black fur and a distinctive red and blue snout, gets a vitamin to boost her immune system against possible exposure to the coronavirus. | Video

Cameroon conservationists heal endangered African grey parrots

23 Jul 2019

LIMBE, Cameroon Conservationists in Cameroon are trying to save the endangered African grey parrot, one of the world's most trafficked animals because of its skill at mimicking human speech. | Video

Kidnapped children released in Cameroon, two teachers still held

07 Nov 2018

BAMENDA, Cameroon Kidnappers freed scores of school children and a driver in west Cameroon early on Wednesday, but kept hold of a principal and one teacher, officials said, following an abduction blamed on anglophone separatists.

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