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REFILE-Fewer cancer diagnoses during COVID-19 in the Netherlands

28 May 2020

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Cancer diagnoses have dropped in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 outbreak, which could affect subsequent treatment, a team of oncologists reports.

Discussing serious illnesses more challenging during COVID-19 pandemic

22 May 2020

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Talking about a serious illness such as cancer over the phone or by video during the coronavirus pandemic can be tough, but it's doable, according to two geriatrics and palliative-care experts.

Los cuidados paliativos exigen precaución y creatividad durante la pandemia de Covid-19: estudio

21 May 2020

(Reuters Health) - Aunque es difícil brindar cuidados paliativos durante la pandemia, los especialistas están hallando nuevas formas de ayudar a sus pacientes, de acuerdo con un nuevo estudio.

Palliative care may require caution, creativity during COVID-19

19 May 2020

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Although palliative care may be tough to provide during the pandemic, specialists are finding new ways to help their patients, according to a new report.

Marketing, nutrition labels may lead kids to overeat sugary cereal

14 Mar 2020

(Reuters Health) - Parents may allow kids to eat too much sugary breakfast cereal because the suggested serving size is smaller than they realize, according to a new study.

Many willing to trade genetic data for compensation, control

12 Mar 2020

(Reuters Health) - More than half of Americans want money and control when companies or organizations use their genetic data, a new study suggests.

Informal caregivers often in poor health themselves

07 Mar 2020

(Reuters Health) - Nearly one in five caregivers who support ill family members or friends describe their own health as fair or poor, according to a new U.S. study.

Doctors may feel 'moral distress' when surrogates make decisions

06 Mar 2020

(Reuters Health) - When patients cannot make their own decisions about life-prolonging care, many doctors feel "moral distress" acting on the choices of surrogates like family members, a small survey suggests.

Walking may be best treatment for pain from clogged leg arteries

28 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Discomfort in the calf and upper legs during walking is a hallmark of narrowed blood vessels due to heart disease, but walking more - not less - can help ease the pain, experts say.

Allergists offer advice to parents of kids with food allergies

27 Feb 2020

(Reuters Health) - Parents of children with food allergies should acknowledge their kids' anxiety, as well as their own, a group of allergy experts advises.

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