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Kenyan children's musical roars in to U.S. for off-Broadway premiere

02 Oct 2018

NAIROBI Feathery costumes, multi-colored makeup and East African instruments are packed into boxes, ready for shipping as Kenya’s National Theatre prepares to take its popular children’s show "Tinga Tinga Tales" to New York. | Video

In legal battle over gay sex, Kenyan court to consider Indian ruling

27 Sep 2018

NAIROBI Parties involved in a court case seeking to decriminalise gay sex in Kenya will be allowed to make submissions based on a recent decision by India’s Supreme Court to overturn a ban on gay sex, a Kenyan court said on Thursday.

Lesbian romance film shows to sell-out crowd in Nairobi after court lifts ban

23 Sep 2018

NAIROBI Rafiki, an acclaimed film portraying a lesbian romance that was until Friday banned in Kenya where it was made, showed on Sunday to a cheering, sold-out audience in Nairobi.

'Ghetto President' shakes up Ugandan politics

29 Aug 2018

NAIROBIThe arrest this month of a 35-year-old legislator who calls himself "Ghetto President" has sparked fierce street protests in Uganda. Musician-turned-MP Robert Kyagulanyi represents a new challenge to President Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986.

Number of Somalis evicted from their homes doubles in first half of 2018: report

28 Aug 2018

NAIROBI The number of Somalis left homeless has surged this year as thousands who had already fled war, drought and floods were forcibly evicted from mostly makeshift homes, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said.

Kenya, U.S. mark 20 years since al Qaeda's first major attack

07 Aug 2018

NAIROBI The U.S. ambassador joined a ceremony in Nairobi on Tuesday to commemorate 20 years since truck bombs hit the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 258 people and marking the start of al Qaeda's global campaign of violence.

Twenty years after al Qaeda's first big attack, Kenyans still bear scars

07 Aug 2018

NAIROBI Just after 10:30 on a sunny August morning in downtown Nairobi, 48-year-old Ali Mwadama was walking toward a bank opposite the U.S. embassy, a cheque in hand.

Blood Moon dazzles star gazers in longest lunar eclipse of 21st century

28 Jul 2018

NAIROBI A blood-red moon dazzled star gazers across much of the world on Friday when it moved into Earth's shadow for the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. | Video

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