Clare Baldwin

Pandemic "hero" Filipino nurses struggle to leave home

16 Sep 2020

MANILA From across the Philippines, they gathered to pray by Zoom.

How a vaccine made of mosquito spit could help stop the next epidemic

12 Jun 2020

Five years ago, in an office complex with a giant sculpture of a mosquito just northwest of Phnom Penh, Jessica Manning struck on a novel idea. Rather than spend more years in what felt like a futile search for a malaria vaccine, she would take on all mosquito-borne pathogens at once. | Video

A pandemic nurse's love letter to New York

28 May 2020

NEOSHO, Mo. The coronavirus pandemic has restricted almost everyone's freedoms in America but for Meghan Lindsey it has done the opposite. This is the freest she has ever felt.

A young woman makes COVID-19 warning her dad's final gift to the world

22 May 2020

NEW YORK It could be any one of us. In this case it was Jose Holguin. He was 50.

Hello, social distancing. Goodbye, handshakes?

28 Apr 2020

LOS ANGELES It started centuries ago as a symbol of peace, a gesture to prove you weren't holding a weapon, and over time it became part of almost every social, religious, professional, business and sporting exchange. | Video

Dealing with the dead: the female undertakers of Harlem

22 Apr 2020

NEW YORK There are 48 bodies in the basement of the funeral home in Harlem. Forty are in cardboard boxes, ready for cremation. The other eight are in the refrigerator, to be embalmed and buried. It will be weeks or months before they get either. | Video

In scrappy Cambodian casino town, Chinese plan future beyond coronavirus

31 Mar 2020

SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia *Photo essay: https://reut.rs/3avL9X4

Scramble to track Cambodia cruise passengers after coronavirus case reported

17 Feb 2020

SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia Health authorities scrambled on Monday to track hundreds of passengers who disembarked from a cruise ship in Cambodia last week after a woman tested positive for coronavirus, heightening fears about the spread of the disease around the world. | Video

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