Cordelia Hsu

Australia book shop gets on its bike to ease coronavirus shutdown

25 Mar 2020

SYDNEY As most shopping comes to a halt under shutdown rules meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus, an Australian book shop is getting its goods out by bicycle to readers in quarantine or reluctant to leave their homes. | Video

Global warming causing 'irreversible' mass melting in Antarctica: scientist

19 Feb 2020

SYDNEY Global warming was leading to an "irreversible" mass melting of the Antarctic ice and purging carbon from the atmosphere was the only solution to slow the process, an Australian climate scientist told Reuters on Wednesday. | Video

DNA test shows abandoned pup in Australia is endangered dingo

06 Nov 2019

SYDNEY A DNA test has revealed that a stray dog found in the garden of an Australian east coast home is a rare purebred dingo, rather than an abandoned puppy as rescuers first thought. | Video

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