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Caravan migrants rest in Mexico City, some deterred by U.S. hostility

07 Nov 2018

MEXICO CITY Thousands of mostly Honduran migrants traveling through Mexico gathered in the capital on Tuesday after a 1,000 mile (1,600 km) journey, with a handful saying President Donald Trump's hostility had deterred them from continuing to the United States.

Mexican town hit by quake welcomes migrants, quietly defying Trump

31 Oct 2018

NILTEPEC, Mexico An impoverished Mexican town nearly flattened by a 2017 earthquake welcomed thousands of tired and hungry Central Americans in a U.S.-bound caravan this week in quiet defiance of U.S. President Donald Trump's condemnation of the group.

Kindness of strangers: A day in the life of the migrant caravan in Mexico

29 Oct 2018

PIJIJIAPAN, Mexico Just past 4 a.m., under a star-streaked sky, the Central American migrants shouldered their bags and picked over broken sidewalks, - first as a trickle, then as a flood - to the edge of the Mexican town.

U.S.-bound migrants enter Guatemala, others clash at border

29 Oct 2018

SONSONATE, El Salvador/TAPANATEPEC, Mexico A new group of migrants bound for the United States set off from El Salvador and crossed into Guatemala on Sunday, following thousands of other Central Americans fleeing poverty and violence who have taken similar journeys in recent weeks.

Central American caravan moves on in spite of Mexico jobs offer

27 Oct 2018

ARRIAGA, Mexico A U.S.-bound caravan of Central American migrants pressed on through southern Mexico on Saturday, in spite of government offers of jobs, as authorities stepped up efforts to disperse the convoy that has angered U.S. President Donald Trump.

Mexico offers plan to keep U.S.-bound migrants in Mexico

27 Oct 2018

PIJIJIAPAN, Mexico Mexico on Friday offered temporary identification papers and jobs to migrants who register for asylum in the country, stepping up efforts to halt the advance of a U.S.-bound Central American caravan that has angered Washington.

Trump may send U.S. troops to Mexico border, but migrants undeterred

26 Oct 2018

WASHINGTON/PIJIJIAPAN, Mexico U.S. President Donald Trump's administration may send up to 1,000 active-duty troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, officials said on Thursday, as Trump hammered away at the issue of illegal immigration two weeks ahead of congressional elections. | Video

U.S.-bound Central American migrants on the move in Mexico

25 Oct 2018

MAPASTEPEC, Mexico/MEXICO CITY Central American migrants clustered for the night on Wednesday in a southern Mexico town after advancing on their trek towards the United States, despite Mexico's vows to hinder their progress under pressure from the Trump administration.

Second migrant caravan in Guatemala heads towards Mexico

24 Oct 2018

TAPACHULA, Mexico/GUATEMALA CITY A group of over a thousand Central Americans in Guatemala headed towards the Mexican border on Tuesday, as a larger caravan of migrants that has angered U.S. President Donald Trump paused in southern Mexico on its planned journey towards the U.S. border. | Video

Publicity, transport, food - migrants flock to more caravans after Trump broadsides

24 Oct 2018

TAPACHULA, Mexico For years, an annual caravan of Central American migrants travelling through Mexico to the U.S. border received modest publicity until President Donald Trump condemned it in April, pitching the procession into the glare of the world's media - and into the homes of thousands of potential migrants.

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