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France considers pesticide buffer zones around residential areas

28 Aug 2019

PARIS France is looking at introducing pesticide-free buffer zones around housing areas after a number of local mayors defied the government by banning weed killers such as glyphosate in their towns.

French mayors ban glyphosate weedkiller, defying government

23 Aug 2019

RENNES, France Some 20 French mayors have banned glyphosate from their municipalities, defying the government, which is now taking legal action to impose national legislation which allows the controversial weedkiller's continued use for now.

Captain of migrant rescue vessel refuses honour from Paris

21 Aug 2019

PARIS The German captain of rescue ships that saved hundreds of migrants' lives in the Mediterranean has turned down Paris's highest civilian award, accusing the city of hypocrisy over the treatment of migrants.

Missing hiker in Italy spotlights need for new phone geolocation tech

21 Aug 2019

PARIS Badly injured on a cliffside in southern Italy, a French hiker called emergency services this month, but he could not tell them exactly where he was after a fall that broke his legs.

Conservationists push at CITES conference to ban trophy hunting

20 Aug 2019

A group of activists is trying to persuade an international conservation conference to ban trophy hunting, which outrages some animal lovers but has long been tolerated by some environmentalists as a way of protecting wildlife.

Environmentalists urge Tour de France to end 'avalanche of plastic'

25 Jul 2019

PARIS The corporate "caravan" that motors across valleys and mountains ahead of the cyclists competing in the Tour de France has been a crowd-pleaser for decades, but ecologists want organisers to put an end to the avalanche of plastic it generates.

French forests scarred as heatwaves bring bark beetle infestation

19 Jul 2019

Long spells of hot, dry weather have brought the worst bark beetle infestation in two decades to eastern France, ruining conifer forests and causing timber prices to plummet as forestry firms fell trees before they are damaged.

Nestle Waters teams up with Ocean Legacy for plastic waste cleanup

09 Jul 2019

PARIS Nestle's bottled water division Nestle Waters, owner of Perrier and Vittel, said it would team up with Canada's Ocean Legacy Foundation to help to clean up plastic pollution.

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