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Lengthy takes and mile-long trenches: the making of Mendes' war drama "1917"

19 Dec 2019

LONDON Presenting his World War One battlefield movie "1917" as a single shot had pros and cons for Oscar winning director Sam Mendes. Mistakes meant lengthy retakes but "accidents" also gave an authenticity of life in the trenches.

Inspired by grandfather, 'Bond' director Mendes returns with tense war film '1917'

05 Dec 2019

LONDON Four years after wrapping up his second James Bond film, Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes is back, this time on the front lines of World War One in "1917," an ambitious drama inspired by his grandfather's experiences. | Video

With strong accent, Hugh Grant 'went for it' in Ritchie's 'The Gentlemen'

04 Dec 2019

LONDON Hugh Grant is best known for playing the bumbling Englishman in romantic comedies so when the role of a cockney-accented private investigator in Guy Ritchie's new crime caper came up, the actor was a little hesitant to portray someone so different. | Video

'The Crown' welcomes its new royals in Season 3 launch

14 Nov 2019

LONDON Television fans welcomed a new queen on Wednesday as Olivia Colman and other stars of royal drama "The Crown" turned out for the world premiere of the Netflix show's third season. | Video

See the Berlin Wall and escape beneath it in new virtual reality show

08 Nov 2019

LONDON A new YouTube show and virtual reality experience transports people to the streets of Berlin to relive the sudden construction of the hated wall in 1961 and its toppling 30 years ago this week. | Video

Liam Gallagher wins first ever MTV Rock Icon award at MTV Europe Music Awards

04 Nov 2019

SEVILLE Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher took home the first ever MTV Rock Icon award at Sunday's MTV Europe Music Awards, where the big winners of the night were Taylor Swift, newcomer Billie Eilish and South Korean Boyband BTS. | Video

A Minute With - actors Bannon and Aldridge on no "capes and tights" series "Pennyworth"

24 Oct 2019

LONDON Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge play comic book characters Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas Wayne in DC-origin series "Pennyworth", but the actors say there are no capes or tights in sight in this show set years before superhero Batman fights crime on the streets of Gotham. | Video

A Minute With: 'The King' cast on Shakespeare and role models

04 Oct 2019

Actor Timothee Chalamet plays an unwilling heir who inherits the throne in "The King", a mediaeval coming-of-age tale loosely based on William Shakespeare’s plays about Prince Hal and his transformation into England's King Henry V. | Video

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