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U.S. dollar set to keep shining through coronavirus pandemic: Reuters poll

07 May 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar will continue to dominate currency markets for at least another three months as investors prefer the safety of the greenback in a world fraught with risks emanating from the coronavirus crisis, a Reuters poll showed.

U.S. dollar still favored on gloomy global economic outlook: Reuters poll

03 Apr 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar will hold sway in the near term, driven by demand for safe assets on a worsening global economic outlook, with other major currencies are at best expected to regain lost ground over the coming year, a Reuters poll found.

Lower sovereign yields to stay as global economy in recession: Reuters poll

25 Mar 2020

BENGALURU Major government bond yields will trade near their current lows in the coming year, foreshadowing a deep recession driven by the coronavirus pandemic, according to fixed-income analysts in a Reuters poll who said the bias was for them to drift lower.

China's first-quarter economic hit from coronavirus looking more severe: Reuters poll

06 Mar 2020

The coronavirus likely halved China's economic growth in the current quarter compared with the previous three months, more severe than thought just three weeks ago and triggering expectations for earlier interest rate cuts, a Reuters poll found.

Too early for U.S. dollar sell-off despite Fed rate cuts: Reuters poll

03 Mar 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar's strength will remain in place and for longer than expected just a month ago, despite Federal Reserve interest rate cuts intended to limit the economic damage from the spreading coronavirus, a Reuters poll showed.

Economic contagion spreads beyond China to other Asian economies - Reuters Poll

26 Feb 2020

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak are likely to reverberate beyond China as most major economies in the region are expected to either slow down significantly, halt or shrink outright in the current quarter, Reuters polls found.

Coronavirus outbreak to drive retreat to safe-haven currencies - Reuters poll

05 Feb 2020

BENGALURU The coronavirus outbreak grabbing the world's attention and which has likely wreaked havoc on its second-largest economy is set to give safe-haven currencies another lift over the coming month, a Reuters poll of market strategists found.

Global funds prefer stocks despite risks still at play: Reuters poll

31 Jan 2020

BENGALURU Funds increased their preference for stocks to a two-year high at the expense of bonds and cash holdings in their model global portfolio recommendations this month in a Reuters poll, despite world share markets struggling on the coronavirus breakout.

Global economy snapback to prove elusive despite market joy - Reuters polls

24 Jan 2020

BENGALURU A significant global upturn will remain elusive this year as many economies still face an array of daunting risks, despite improved sentiment from an initial U.S.-China trade deal and ebullience in financial markets, Reuters polls showed.

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