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G10 currencies to dance to dollar's tune, trade-war and Fed song

06 Sep 2019

BENGALURU Group of 10 currencies will be driven by the U.S.-China trade war and actions by the U.S. Federal Reserve in coming months, while economic developments in other parts of the world are likely to take second stage, a Reuters poll found.

Yuan to weaken further as U.S. and China dig in on trade war - Reuters poll

05 Sep 2019

BENGALURU Chinese authorities will maintain their tight grip on the yuan and allow it to weaken further against the dollar to fight an ongoing trade war with Washington and a slowing domestic economy, a Reuters poll of strategists showed.

Rate cuts not enough to re-fire damp India housing market: Reuters poll

28 Aug 2019

BENGALURU India's liquidity-starved economy will restrain housing market activity and price rises in coming months and into 2020, according to a Reuters poll of property market experts who were skeptical aggressive interest rate cuts will revive it.

For U.S. housing, trade war set to blunt some of Fed stimulus: Reuters poll

23 Aug 2019

BENGALURU The U.S.-China trade war may blunt some of the stimulus on the U.S. housing market from expected further interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, with only a modest outlook for price rises, a Reuters poll of property market experts found.

Dollar will be cut down to size if Fed gives in to market whims: Reuters poll

08 Aug 2019

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar's dominance will come to an end if the Federal Reserve gives in to pressure from financial markets and President Donald Trump and chops interest rates another 50 basis points this year, a Reuters poll of market strategists showed.

Dollar still a force to reckon with, at least for this year: Reuters poll

05 Jul 2019

BENGALURU The U.S. dollar, which has dominated currency markets since early 2018, will continue to be a force to reckon with for at least the remainder of this year, according to a majority of currency strategists in a Reuters poll.

Era of low sovereign yields to last at least two more years

28 Jun 2019

BENGALURU The era of low sovereign bond yields is not over and any significant pick-up is at least two years away, according to fixed-income strategists in a Reuters poll who are finally shifting away from predictions of higher yields.

Strong dollar lives on, but trade war, rate cuts to tamp it down - Reuters poll

06 Jun 2019

BENGALURU The dollar will maintain its strength for the rest of 2019 but will be weakened by the U.S.-China trade war and eventual Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, a Reuters poll of currency strategists predicted.

India's moribund housing market stuck in low gear: Reuters poll

04 Jun 2019

BENGALURU The outlook for India's moribund property market has brightened somewhat, with house prices this year expected to rise more than predicted three months ago, but those increases will still be the weakest in at least a decade, a Reuters poll found.

Fed's no-rate hike stance fails to lift U.S. housing outlook: Reuters poll

23 May 2019

BENGALURU U.S. house prices will rise this year by less than was predicted just three months ago, despite the Federal Reserve wiping out the prospect of future interest rate rises and recent market speculation about a cut, a Reuters poll showed.

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