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Americans plan widespread protests if Trump interferes with election

29 Oct 2020

WASHINGTON Dozens of activist groups who claim to represent millions of Americans from both political parties plan to hit the streets next week, if President Donald Trump appears to be interfering with vote counting or manipulating poll results after Election Day.

White House contact tracing questioned as COVID-19 spreads in Washington

07 Oct 2020

WASHINGTON The White House contact tracing program is too haphazard to pinpoint or halt a COVID-19 outbreak that was rapidly spreading in the U.S. capital city, health experts and city officials said on Tuesday.

Umbau der US-Post sorgt für Probleme - auch für die Wahl?

13 Aug 2020

Washington Verspätete Briefe, überlastete Briefträger, organisatorische Mängel - der Umbau der US-Post schafft bei dem Traditionsunternehmen Gewerkschaftern zufolge massive Probleme.

U.S. postal service reorganization sparks delays, election questions

13 Aug 2020

WASHINGTON A shakeup of the U.S. Postal Service is leading to mail delays, union officials said on Tuesday, heightening concerns that an ally of President Donald Trump is destabilizing the service as millions of Americans consider whether to cast their ballots by mail in the Nov. 3 presidential election. | Video

White Americans turn out for Floyd protests, but will they work for change?

12 Jun 2020

WASHINGTON Leslie Batson, a white office administrator from Maryland, joined the thousands of marchers protesting the killing of George Floyd in Washington, D.C., last weekend after her children asked why the family had done nothing about racism.

Seven weeks into coronavirus lockdowns, Fed has a new, darker message

15 May 2020

One Thursday morning seven weeks ago, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell made a rare appearance on NBC's "Today Show" to offer a reassuring message to Americans dealing with economic fallout from measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

U.S. local news outlets need government rescue: lawmakers, trade groups

10 Apr 2020

WASHINGTON Four groups representing local newspapers and broadcast media outlets on Thursday asked U.S. lawmakers to provide assistance amid rising economic woes tied to the coronavirus outbreak, including up to $10 billion in government advertising.

U.S. small businesses wait impatiently for government aid that could be slow to come

01 Apr 2020

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON As soon as New York officials began detailing their response to the coronavirus, Matt Preis knew his staff might be in trouble.

U.S. unemployment offices sitting on mountain of pending claims

31 Mar 2020

WASHINGTON Last week's record-setting U.S. jobless claims number will be quickly surpassed, economists and state officials predict, as local labor offices digest a pile of pending applications, and the new stimulus bill extends benefits to the self-employed.

What do the Fed's latest moves mean for U.S. consumers?

16 Mar 2020

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK The U.S. Federal Reserve unleashed new emergency measures on Sunday night to limit the economic harm from the coronavirus, including making it easier for banks to get money and slashing its benchmark borrowing rate to near zero.

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