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Nicaragua-Costa Rica coronavirus dispute stalls hundreds of trucks at border

22 May 2020

PENAS BLANCAS, Costa Rica Hundreds of freight trucks were stuck on the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua on Friday as the two countries remain locked in a squabble over measures to contain the coronavirus.

Quarantine with 31 children? Costa Rican family's labor of love

06 May 2020

SAN JOSE Coronavirus lockdowns present a plethora of challenges for families suddenly forced to spend weeks on end under one roof. But try hunkering down at home with 31 kids. | Video

Costa Rica farmers destroy flowers as coronavirus spoils exports

02 Apr 2020

CARTAGO, Costa Rica Costa Rican flower farmers have started destroying lilies, roses and chrysanthemums they have lovingly tended for months after the coronavirus outbreak led to the suspension of flights to markets in the United States and Canada.

Ants, crickets and cockroaches: healthy snacks that taste like potato chips

02 Oct 2019

SARCHI, Costa Rica, Oct 1 At his home in rural ​Costa Rica, biologist Federico Paniagua joined his family at the dining table to devour several types of insects that he raised on his farm and whose flavor he compares to potato chips.

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