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Plunging U.S. GDP through June gives way to slow climb back in July

31 Jul 2020

A record-setting drop in the U.S. economy from April to June has given way to an increasingly tepid-looking rebound as consumers appear to pull back and businesses slow rehiring, data from a variety of high-frequency sources and macro analysts indicate.

When the U.S. sneezes, the world catches a cold. What happens when it has severe COVID-19?

30 Jul 2020

WASHINGTON During a blue-sky moment in 2018 near the end of a decade-long economic expansion, it was the United States that helped pull the world along as the extra cash from tax cuts and government spending flowed through domestic and global markets. | Video

Fed chief says coronavirus surge slowing U.S. economic recovery

30 Jul 2020

The surge in U.S. coronavirus cases is beginning to weigh on economic activity, the head of the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday, and he promised the U.S. central bank would "do what we can, and for as long as it takes," to limit damage and boost growth. | Video

Fed faces viral wave, mounting risks to recovery

29 Jul 2020

In a fast-changing global pandemic, this was not the turn U.S. Federal Reserve officials hoped for in early June, when their forecasts showed guarded optimism for a sharpish early economic rebound and steady slow growth to follow.

Fed hoped to skirt a second virus wave. Small businesses may sink in it

24 Jul 2020

The number of outright failures of U.S. small businesses in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic was comparatively modest, but the months ahead look far grimmer as cash balances dwindle, federal help expires, and the disease surges back.

Unemployment's second wave? Stodgy reopening, virus surge may undercut U.S. jobs

23 Jul 2020

A stodgy U.S. recovery showed little sign of accelerating over the last week with hints emerging that the quick job gains of May and June may be fading, according to high frequency data and analysis from companies, forecasters and government analysts.

Fed, Walmart share the push to #maskup

22 Jul 2020

(Removes incorrect reference in paragraph 8 to Oklahoma as part of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank's district)

U.S. virus surge in June preceded by May surge in Yelp entries for bars, restaurants

22 Jul 2020

The surge of U.S. coronavirus cases that began in June was preceded in May by a large jump in consumer interest in social activities like dining out and going to bars and gyms, website Yelp reported on Wednesday in an analysis of searches and reviews conducted on its platform.

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