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Argentine presidential front-runner seeks alternatives to austerity -advisers

22 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Economic advisers to Argentina's presidential front-runner and opposition leader Alberto Fernandez said he would seek alternatives to the current administration's austerity measures in a meeting with the new Treasury Minister on Wednesday.

Argentina new economy chief will not allow 'irrational' run on peso

21 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 21 Argentina will not allow a chaotic fall in the peso and will use its dollar reserves to bolster the currency against political uncertainty that has swept the country since the Aug. 11 primary election, Treasury Minister Hernan Lacunza said on Wednesday.

Argentine peso ends higher after central bank sells dollars

21 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's promises to defend its beleaguered peso gained credibility on Tuesday after the central bank poured $112 million of its reserves into dollar auctions, helping to boost the currency about 0.5% a day after steep losses.

Argentina could avoid default if economy recovers fast enough: Stiglitz

20 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina can avoid restructuring its bonds if policymakers reverse growth-stifling austerity measures in time to spur enough economic growth to avoid a debt crisis, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said on Monday.

Is the clock ticking again for Argentine debt? Ask the IMF

16 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES A collapse in Argentina's peso currency this week and soaring borrowing costs have fueled investors' concern that Latin America's third-largest economy is heading for another debt restructuring.

Exclusive: China set to deepen Argentine trade ties with bid for grains 'superhighway'

16 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Chinese state-owned construction giant CCCC is preparing a bid to dredge Argentina's Parana River, the country's main cargo superhighway that takes soy and corn from the Pampas farm belt to the shipping lanes of the south Atlantic and the world.

Macri vows to win second term after Argentine peso crashes on primary results

13 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine President Mauricio Macri vowed on Monday to win a second term despite a surprisingly strong performance by the opposition in the primary election that set off a shockwave through markets, crashing the peso currency and sending stocks and bonds tumbling. | Video

Argentina farmers digest primary election shock, wait to export despite weaker peso

13 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's key grains export sector became instantly more competitive on Monday when the local peso weakened over 15% against the U.S. dollar, but farmers said they would wait to see where the currency settles before selling.

Sunday vote to show how likely Argentina is to stay on Macri's free-markets path

09 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's election primary on Sunday will determine President Mauricio Macri's chances of winning a second term in October, with the country's embattled peso currency expected to take a fresh beating next week if the business-friendly leader fares worse than expected.

Exclusive: China to inspect Argentine crushers, could unlock No. 1 soymeal market

30 Jul 2019

BUENOS AIRES A Chinese delegation is set to visit Argentina in August to inspect soymeal crushing plants, Argentine government and industry officials told Reuters, a key step as the South American country looks to open up exports of processed soy to the world's No. 1 consumer.

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