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North Korea's nominal head of state visits border town amid coronavirus emergency

30 Jul 2020

SEOUL North Korea's nominal head of state inspected the locked down border town Kaesong after a defector suspected of having the coronavirus returned from South Korea, said state media, signalling serious concerns about cross-border contamination.

From scandal to accusations of disloyalty, South Korea's new point men on North have dramatic past

29 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korean President Moon Jae-in's new point men on North Korea face a daunting challenge: they must engineer a breakthrough in strained ties amid public scrutiny of their history with Pyongyang, which once landed them in prison.

North Korean women faced torture, rape, malnourishment in detention, says U.N. report

28 Jul 2020

SEOUL North Korean women detained in prison camps suffered from torture, rape and other forms of "multiple and serious" violence by security and police officials, a U.N. human rights report said on Tuesday, citing accounts from over 100 women.

Escape to North Korea: Defector at heart of COVID-19 case fled sex abuse investigation

28 Jul 2020

SEOUL Last week, a 24-year-old defector returned to North Korea the way he left in 2017, authorities say, but with a coronavirus pandemic raging in the background this time, his illicit trip drew far more attention.

U.S. envoy to South Korea shaves off moustache after debate over Japanese heritage

27 Jul 2020

SEOUL The U.S. ambassador to South Korea has shaved off his moustache to stay "cool" during the hot summer, months after his facial hair drew unusual criticism from anti-U.S. activists who likened it to those of former Japanese colonial leaders.

No beer or chicken but South Korean fans are back at the ball game

26 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korean baseball fans flocked to stadiums on Sunday for the first time this year, happy and excited even as they sat apart from relatives and friends and could not enjoy their usual beer and chicken.

South Korea, U.S. drills should be put off to draw North Korea into talks, nominee says

23 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korea should postpone military exercises with the United States in the hope of drawing North Korea back into talks, the South Korean politician set to take over responsibility for relations with the North said on Thursday.

Coronavirus complicates South Korea, U.S. military exercises

21 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korea and the United States are trying to agree on the scale, scope and timing of annual military exercises with the novel coronavirus threatening to disrupt the travel of U.S. troops, South Korean officials said on Tuesday.

North Korea's Kim fires officials for extortion linked to hospital project

20 Jul 2020

SEOUL North Korea's leader has sacked officials building a hospital after they pressed the public for contributions, media reported on Monday, the second rebuke linked to the high-profile project in a country where such problems are rarely publicised. | Video

South Korea revokes licences of leaflet-sending anti-North groups

17 Jul 2020

SEOUL South Korea cancelled on Friday the licences of two anti-North Korea groups that send propaganda leaflets into the North infuriating its government and undermining South Korean efforts to engage with its isolated neighbour.

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