Issam Abdallah

'Rise from the rubble': Lebanese artist turns blast debris into symbol of hope

17 Nov 2020

BEIRUT She stands nearly three metres tall with her arm raised, the wind whipping the hair away from her scarred face, and a broken clock at her feet with the hands showing 6.08, the time that a blast ripped through Beirut port on the evening of Aug. 4.

Hundreds of disillusioned doctors leave Lebanon, in blow to healthcare

12 Nov 2020

BEIRUT Fouad Boulos returned to Beirut in 2007 from the United States having trained there in pathology and laboratory medicine. He was so confident that Lebanon was the right place to be that he gave up his American residence green card.

Old foes Lebanon, Israel hold talks on disputed maritime border

14 Oct 2020

NAQOURA, Lebanon Long-time foes Lebanon and Israel launched talks on Wednesday over their disputed sea border in a brief meeting which the lead Lebanese negotiator described as "the first step on a thousand-mile journey." | Video

'We're scared': Lebanon on edge as time and money run out

09 Oct 2020

BEIRUT Fouad Khamasi fills his taxi every day with about 40,000 Lebanese pounds' worth of fuel. It could cost at least four times that much if subsidies come to an end.

Wrecked schools pose new challenge as Beirut students wait to head back to classes

30 Sep 2020

BEIRUT, Sept 30 Piles of rubble and broken glass lie in the corridors and courtyard of Beirut's College Notre Dame de Nazareth.

U.S. envoy: FBI to join Beirut blast probe, Lebanon must end 'empty promises'

14 Aug 2020

BEIRUT A top U.S. diplomat said on Thursday the FBI would join a probe of the massive Beirut explosion that killed at least 172 people, urging change in Lebanon to "make sure something like this never happens again". | Video

Lebanese MPs meet for first time since blast, US envoy due in Beirut

13 Aug 2020

BEIRUT, Aug 13 Lebanese security forces deployed heavily in Beirut on Thursday, stopping protesters from reaching a conference centre where MPs began meeting for the first time since the catastrophic chemicals explosion last week that killed 172 people.

Beirut's nightlife on the brink as pandemic compounds financial crisis

15 Jun 2020

BEIRUT Beirut loves to party, even when the going gets tough. Which is often. The city and its nightlife has weathered wars, bombing campaigns and assassinations, and prides itself on always bouncing back.

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