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Hong Kong protester says granted asylum in Germany

20 Oct 2020

HONG KONG Germany has granted refugee status to a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist facing a rioting charge in connection with last year's anti-China protests, the protester told Reuters on Monday.

Nine arrested on suspicion of helping 12 flee Hong Kong for Taiwan

10 Oct 2020

HONG KONG Hong Kong police said on Saturday they had arrested nine people suspected of helping 12 Hong Kong activists who fled the city in August, heading for Taiwan, only to be intercepted by Chinese authorities and held on the mainland. | Video

Hong Kong police arrest dozens in bid to prevent China national day protest

01 Oct 2020

HONG KONG Hong Kong riot police patrolling the route of a banned anti-government march arrested dozens of people on Thursday, stopping crowds from gathering as Chief Executive Carrie Lam hailed the city's "return to stability" at China national day celebrations. | Video

Families call for access to Hong Kong relatives detained in China

30 Sep 2020

HONG KONG The relatives of 12 Hong Kong people arrested by China at sea last month called for access to their detained family members in a petition to the mainland's representative office in the semi-autonomous city on Wednesday.

A Hong Kong protester's farewell note and failed escape

24 Sep 2020

HONG KONG Wong Wai-yin's wife feared the worst after reading his short farewell letter.

HK leader says cannot demand rights protection for 12 arrested by China

22 Sep 2020

HONG KONG Hong Kong has no legal basis to demand that any particular rights be extended to 12 Hong Kong people detained in China as they tried to flee by boat and they will have to face the law there, the city's chief executive said on Tuesday.

Relatives of 12 Hong Kong people arrested by China demand access for own lawyers

20 Sep 2020

HONG KONG Relatives of some of the 12 Hong Kong people arrested by China at sea last month demanded the city's government check on their condition and ensure that lawyers appointed by the families and not the Chinese government can meet with them.

Families of captured Hong Kong activists demand their return

13 Sep 2020

HONG KONG A group of Hong Kong families on Saturday demanded the urgent return of their activist relatives detained last month by mainland Chinese authorities as they tried to flee the city by boat to Taiwan. | Video

Hong Kong police fire pepper balls at protesters opposed to election delay, new law

06 Sep 2020

HONG KONG Police fired rounds of pepper balls at protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday and arrested almost 300 after demonstrators took to the streets to oppose the postponement of legislative elections and a new national security law imposed by China. | Video

Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters march to oppose postponed elections, new law

06 Sep 2020

HONG KONG, Sept 6 Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in the Asian financial hub of Hong Kong on Sunday to demonstrate against a new national security law imposed by China and the postponement of legislative elections.

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