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Hong Kong pro-democracy 'Occupy' activists defiant after guilty verdicts

09 Apr 2019

HONG KONG A Hong Kong court on Tuesday found nine leaders of the 2014 pro-democracy "Occupy" movement guilty of public nuisance during the mass protests, in a landmark verdict as freedoms in the city ruled by mainland China come under strain. | Video

Nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists found guilty over 2014 protests

09 Apr 2019

HONG KONG A Hong Kong court found leaders of the 2014 "Occupy" civil disobedience movement guilty on Tuesday of public nuisance charges during the mass protests, in a landmark verdict that comes as the China-ruled city's freedoms come under strain.

Hong Kong launches new extradition law despite opposition

03 Apr 2019

HONG KONG Hong Kong's leaders launched laws on Wednesday to change extradition rules to allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial, standing fast against growing opposition to a move many fear could further erode the city's legal protections.

Thousands march in Hong Kong over proposed extradition law changes

31 Mar 2019

HONG KONG Thousands of people protested in Hong Kong on Sunday against a government plan to change extradition laws, fearing an erosion of personal freedom and the city's status as an international business hub.

Hundreds protest Hong Kong student's expulsion from university in row over free speech

07 Mar 2019

HONG KONG More than 200 protesters gathered on Thursday at a Hong Kong university to condemn the expulsion of a student defending free speech, in what was seen as another incremental sign of eroding freedoms in the Chinese-ruled city.

Hong Kong moves to make disrespecting Chinese national anthem a crime

23 Jan 2019

HONG KONG Hong Kong on Wednesday presented a controversial bill to lawmakers that prescribes jail terms of up to three years for disrespecting the Chinese national anthem, a move critics say raises fresh fears over freedom of expression in the city. | Video

Thousands march in Hong Kong against China 'repression' after grim 2018

01 Jan 2019

HONG KONG Thousands of demonstrators marched in Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand full democracy, fundamental rights, and even independence from China in the face of what many see as a marked clampdown by the Communist Party on local freedoms. | Video

Hong Kong democracy leaders defiant as landmark trial wraps up

14 Dec 2018

HONG KONG Hong Kong democracy leaders pledged on Friday to sustain their fight for full democracy at the end of a month-long trial that could see them jailed for leading and inciting 2014 protests against what they see as Beijing's unjust curbs on freedom.

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Afghan communications ministry attacked, seven killed

At least seven people were killed in an attack on the Afghan communications ministry in central Kabul on Saturday, breaking months of relative calm in the capital and underlining the continued security threats despite efforts to open peace talks with the Taliban.