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Iran deal limps on as Europeans delay sanctions blow

9:24pm IST

VIENNA European powers demanded at talks on Friday that Iran stop violating their nuclear deal, but stopped short of triggering a mechanism that could renew U.N. sanctions and kill the 2015 accord, officials said.

Europeans, Iran to cross swords at nuclear talks

4:30am IST

VIENNA, Dec 6 European powers will demand Iran stop violating their nuclear deal or potentially face renewed U.N. sanctions, but with Tehran locked in conflict over U.S. sanctions, there appears to be little scope for compromise when they meet on Friday.

Little wiggle room as Ukraine, Russia leaders meet for crunch Paris talks

05 Dec 2019

PARIS/KIEV Ukrainian and Russian leaders will try to seal a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine and agree prisoner swaps when they meet next week but with Kiev politically constrained and Moscow unlikely to bend, prospects for peace remain bleak, diplomats said.

France's Macron pays respects to soldiers killed in Mali, says battle goes on

02 Dec 2019

PARIS President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute on Monday to 13 French soldiers killed in Mali last week and vowed no respite in the fight against Islamist militants in the region.

Comoros seeks $4.6 billion in investment to climb out of poverty

01 Dec 2019

PARIS Comoros' President Azali Assoumani said he is looking to raise 4.2 billion euros ($4.63 billion) at an investment conference this week as he seeks to consolidate political stability and improve the economy ahead of elections next year.

France warns Iran over nuclear deal dispute mechanism

28 Nov 2019

PARIS France's foreign minister suggested on Wednesday that Paris was seriously considering triggering a mechanism within the Iran nuclear deal that could lead to U.N. sanctions, given Tehran's repeated breach of parts of the 2015 accord with world powers.

European concerns raise prospect of renewed U.N. sanctions on Iran

12 Nov 2019

PARIS/BRUSSELS Europe's threat to trigger a mechanism that could reimpose United Nations sanctions on Iran marks a significant breakdown in diplomacy to try to save the 2015 nuclear deal and could presage its death knell, diplomats say.

Exclusive: Iran briefly held IAEA inspector, seized travel documents - diplomats

06 Nov 2019

VIENNA/PARIS Iran briefly held an inspector working for the U.N. nuclear watchdog in the Islamic Republic and seized her travel documents, diplomats familiar with the agency's work said on Wednesday, with some describing it as harassment.

France worried by new phase in Iran's breaching of nuclear pact

17 Oct 2019

PARIS France urged Iran on Wednesday not to scale back further on its commitments to a 2015 nuclear deal, saying Tehran's new threat to speed up uranium enrichment next month was "especially worrying".

France's Le Drian to go to Iraq to discuss trials for jihadists from Syria

16 Oct 2019

PARIS France's foreign minister will travel to Iraq on Wednesday to discuss a judicial framework that would enable jihadists being held in Syria to face trial in Iraq, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said.

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