Johnny Carvajal

Venezuelans breaking coronavirus rules punished under the sun

08 Aug 2020

CARACAS Security forces are punishing some Venezuelans who violate anti-coronavirus measures with physical exercise, sitting under the sun and even beating, witnesses and rights groups say.

Some Venezuelans welcome relaxing of lockdown after 14 weeks inside

17 Jun 2020

CARACAS After 14 weeks locked up in their homes, some Venezuelans are welcoming a decision by President Nicolas Maduro's government to relax a coronavirus lockdown, though doctors warn the measure could speed up contagion in the crisis-hit country.

For Venezuelans, a key obstacle for handwashing during pandemic - no running water

04 Jun 2020

CARACAS After going two months without running water at her home on the outskirts of Venezuela's capital Caracas, Mara Loyo stores it whenever it becomes available, in pots, pans, and even tablespoons.

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