Jorge Vega

Chileans rehearse evacuation as southern volcano rumbles

12 Sep 2019

SANTIAGO Chilean authorities in the country's south have begun rehearsing evacuation plans amid concern an active volcano could potentially erupt within "days or weeks."

In Chile's remote south, the last speaker of an ancient language fights to keep it alive

31 May 2019

PUERTO WILLIAMS, Chile Sitting in the warmth of a wood fire in her home in Chile's deep south, Cristina Calderón sometimes wishes she had more people to speak to in her mother tongue as she weaves woolen socks to sell at the local market.

Migrants find poverty, exclusion in South America's copper capital

31 May 2017

ANTOFAGASTA, Chile Immigrants from around South America hoping to seek their fortunes in the continent's copper mining capital of Antofagasta, Chile, are instead finding poverty, exclusion and a precarious home in the city's growing temporary slums.

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