Krishna N. Das

India's high use of antigen tests risks underestimating COVID-19 spread, says diagnostician

28 Oct 2020

NEW DELHI Fast but less accurate "rapid antigen tests" now account for 60% of all coronavirus tests in India, the head of a top diagnostic firm estimated on Wednesday, warning that such a high use could misrepresent the actual spread of the infection.

Despite coronavirus, Indian traders stock up in hopes of festive cheer

22 Oct 2020

JAIPUR/NEW DELHI, India Indian businesses are stocking up more ahead of this year's big festival season than at any time in the last five years, expecting people whose earnings were relatively unaffected by the pandemic to spend the money they saved during months of lockdowns.

Tiny village offers window into India's surging COVID-19 caseload

04 Sep 2020

RAJEWADI/GUWAHATI, India The quaint, sugarcane-growing village of Rajewadi in India's west did not have a single confirmed coronavirus case until mid-August. Now one in every four people there is positive for the virus, with police blaming a local religious event for the spread.

India secures its east after western Himalayan clashes with China

02 Sep 2020

GUWAHATI, India India has moved troops to its eastern stretch of border with China since clashes erupted between the nuclear-armed rivals on the western part of their border in the Himalayas in June, a government official said.

As other doors close, some Rohingya cling to hope of resettlement

21 Aug 2020

DHAKA/GUWAHATI, India On the third anniversary of a mass exodus of Rohingya to Bangladesh, prospects look bleak for about 1 million members of the Muslim minority from Myanmar living in bamboo and plastic shelters in refugee camps.

Indian villagers tire of coronavirus rules just as rural cases surge

12 Aug 2020

BAIHATA CHARIALI/KARALAPAKKAM, India Harmahan Deka doesn't wear a mask anymore to avoid the novel coronavirus nor does he try to keep a safe distance from others.

By boat and on foot, Assam hunts for plasma for COVID patients

27 Jul 2020

GUWAHATI, India When doctors in a flood-ravaged Indian state urgently sought plasma of a particular blood type for a COVID-19 patient this month, health officials sent a boat for a marooned donor who had recovered from the disease weeks ago.

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