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No-deal Brexit under fire - Parliament grabs brakes against Boris Johnson

19 Jul 2019

LONDON British lawmakers on Thursday approved proposals to make it harder for the next prime minister to force through a no-deal Brexit by suspending parliament, showing again their resolve to stop a divorce from the European Union without an agreement.

UK hit with recession warning as Brexit battle builds in parliament

18 Jul 2019

LONDON Britain might be entering a full-blown recession that a no-deal exit from the European Union would compound, blowing a 30 billion-pound hole in the public finances, a budget watchdog said on Thursday. | Video

UK lawmakers to vote on latest bid to try to prevent a no-deal Brexit

18 Jul 2019

LONDON, July 18 British lawmakers will vote on Thursday on a measure aimed at making it harder for the next prime minister to try to force through a no-deal Brexit by suspending parliament.

UK PM candidates set high bar for Brexit talks: no Irish backstop

16 Jul 2019

LONDON The two candidates vying to be Britain's next prime minister set a high bar on Monday for success in Brexit negotiations, saying that even a significant concession from the European Union on the Irish border would be insufficient.

Eyeing post-Brexit trade deals, Britain looks to train school-leavers as future negotiators

15 Jul 2019

LONDON As Britain prepares to carry out its own trade negotiations for the first time in decades, the government has launched a scheme to recruit and train school-leavers as future commerce experts. | Video

UK parliament's 'Big Ben' bell marks 160 years with silence as restoration work continues

11 Jul 2019

LONDON Britain's parliament marks 160 years on Thursday since its "Big Ben" bell first chimed, but the familiar bongs will not ring out to celebrate the occasion as the famous clock-tower is half way through a major restoration project. | Video

Thrown under a bus? Britain's envoy to Washington quits over leaked memos

10 Jul 2019

LONDON Britain's ambassador to Washington quit on Wednesday after days of stinging criticism from Donald Trump, leading to accusations that Boris Johnson, the favourite to be the next British prime minister, had "thrown him under the bus". | Video

Trump blasts 'foolish' UK PM May and her 'wacky' envoy over leaked memos

10 Jul 2019

LONDON U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at "foolish" British Prime Minister Theresa May and her "wacky" Washington ambassador on Tuesday, stepping up a tirade against a close ally whose envoy had branded his administration inept.

MPs weigh up options to try to block a no deal Brexit

08 Jul 2019

LONDON British lawmakers from both the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour on Sunday said they were looking at ways to prevent the country's next prime minister pursuing a no-deal Brexit against parliament's wishes.

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