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Sweat, smoke and flames: fighting fires in the Amazon

15 Aug 2020

APUI, Brazil For a moment, the Brazilian firefighters were taken aback by the sudden rage of the climbing flames: the speed at which they grew and moved, carried by the evening wind. | Video

Amazon fires rage in early August as fears of mass blazes mount

08 Aug 2020

HUMAITA, Brazil Fires in the Brazilian Amazon have surged so far in August, government data on Friday showed, outstripping the same period of 2019 and renewing concerns about the destruction of the world's largest rainforest, which is a critical bulwark against climate change.

Brazil's Bolsonaro says coronavirus restrictions kill economy

19 Jul 2020

SAO PAULO Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Saturday that lockdown measures used to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus "kill" and have "suffocated" the country's economy.

Brazil's Bolsonaro, infected with COVID-19, touts unproven drug

16 Jul 2020

SAO PAULO/BRASILIA Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday again extolled the supposed virtues of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19, as he said that he again tested positive for the coronavirus, a week after he first announced he had become infected. | Video

Brazil military hand out masks to protect isolated Amazon tribes

02 Jul 2020

BOA VISTA Soldiers handed out masks to barefooted Yanomami indigenous people including body-painted warriors carrying spears and bows and arrows on Wednesday on the second day of a military operation to protect isolated tribes from COVID-19.

Brazil military moves to protect Indigenous people from COVID-19 deep in Amazon forest

01 Jul 2020

BOA VISTA, Brazil Brazil's military delivered protective supplies and medicines on Tuesday by helicopter to isolated Amazon indigenous communities bordering Venezuela and tested frightened members for COVID-19.

As COVID-19 races up the Amazon River, health services struggle to keep up

26 Jun 2020

PORTEL, Brazil After days suffering from shortness of breath, 49-year-old Andrelina Bizerra da Silva fainted suddenly. | Video

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