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Female soldiers wanting to suppress periods face barriers

14 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Military women wanting to stop menstruating while they are deployed may face a number of barriers, a new commentary suggests.

New review suggests proven ways to cut back on sugary drinks

13 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - With sugary sodas and other sweetened drinks considered a key driver of the obesity epidemic worldwide, a new research review evaluates how well various measures work to reduce consumption of these calorie laden drinks.

For female vets, sex assault in military boosts odds of lasting sexual pain

12 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Military women who are sexually assaulted may be at an especially high risk of developing lasting sexual pain, a U.S. study suggests.

Fewer psychiatrists take Medicaid patients even as the program has expanded

08 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Fewer and fewer psychiatrists are accepting Medicaid even as increasing numbers of patients have gained mental health coverage through expansion of the program, a new study suggests.

App helps people learn to meditate, improves attention skills

07 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - An experimental app may help people learn to meditate, which in turn yields improvements in attention span and working memory, a new study suggests.

U.S. soldiers have worse heart health than civilians

06 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - U.S. soldiers are more likely to have poor heart health than civilians of similar ages, a new study finds.

Immigrants play big role in caring for elderly and disabled in U.S

05 Jun 2019

Even as a shortage of U.S. workers who care for the elderly and disabled grows, proposed limits on immigration may worsen the situation, researchers say.

Without older subjects, cancer drugs trials rely on atypical patients

03 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Patients selected to participate in studies of cancer drugs tend to be younger than most people with the disease in the general population, researchers say.

Kids who play violent videogames may be more likely to pick up a gun and pull the trigger

01 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - Children who either played or watched a videogame that included gun violence were more likely afterward to handle a gun and pull the trigger, a new study finds.

Seniors with vision loss experience discrimination, depression

31 May 2019

(Reuters Health) - Seniors with declining vision are more likely than peers with good eyesight to experience discrimination as well as depression that may result from this bias, a new study from the UK suggests.

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