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London film fest closes with flash of 'Stan & Ollie' comic genius

22 Oct 2018

LONDON Laurel and Hardy, perhaps the greatest comedy double act in cinema history, returned to London on Sunday, twiddling their bowler hats to a delighted West End crowd as they arrived for the world premiere of the biopic "Stan & Ollie". | Video

Lady Gaga says 'Star is Born' character not at all like her

28 Sep 2018

LONDON Lady Gaga's performance as an aspiring singer who makes it big in "A Star is Born" might seem to be modelled on her own rise to fame, but Gaga says nothing could be further from the truth. | Video

DeLorean film drives back to the futuristic '70s to close Venice festival

09 Sep 2018

VENICE, Italy The DeLorean sports car entered movie legend as the time machine in the "Back to the Future" films and returns to the big screen in "Driven", a comedy thriller about the downfall of its creator, which closed the Venice Film Festival on Saturday.

Monsters of film: del Toro hands David Cronenberg lifetime award

06 Sep 2018

VENICE, Italy David Cronenberg received a lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday for a 50-year career directing scary movies.

'Lives of Others' director returns to divided Germany in 'Never Look Away'

05 Sep 2018

VENICE, Italy The maker of "The Lives of Others" returns to divided 20th century Germany in "Never Look Away", a film that premiered in Venice on Tuesday and is already being talked about as his second potential Oscar winner.

Kusturica's 'El Pepe' is ode to a humble Latin leader

03 Sep 2018

VENICE, Italy As Venezuela descends into economic chaos and Brazil's former president Lula is barred from making a comeback due to a corruption conviction, filmmaker Emir Kusturica has made an ode to one Latin American leader who gives socialism a good name.

Coen brothers return to True Grit country with six tales of the Old West

02 Sep 2018

VENICE, Italy Coen brothers fans get six movies for the price of one in "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs", an anthology of Western stories starring, among others, James Franco, Liam Neeson, Tyne Daly and Tom Waits.

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