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Bolivia announces entry into Lima Group to resolve Venezuelan crisis

22 Dec 2019

La Paz Bolivia on Sunday announced its entry into the Lima Group regional bloc that was set up to find a way out of the Venezuelan crisis.

Argentina´s cabinet chief unveils public service belt-tightening measures

22 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES The head of Argentina´s new cabinet under President Alberto Fernandez said on Saturday that the government would make a series of belt-tightening "public spending adjustments," just hours after the country´s senate gave final legislative approval to an emergency economic reform package touted by Fernandez as the country's best chance at sparking growth.

Actriz brasileña Carol Duarte presenta filme sobre lucha de mujeres en Festival de Mar del Plata

12 Nov 2019

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, 12 nov La actriz brasileña Carol Duarte, que interpretó a un personaje trans en una telenovela de su país, es feminista y miembro de la comunidad LGTB, presentó en el Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata la película "La Vida Invisible de Eurídice Gusmão", que retrata la lucha de dos mujeres en un mundo regido por hombres.

Documental sobre escritor chileno Pedro Lemebel cobra vigencia en medio de protestas

12 Nov 2019

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, nov 12 El fallecido escritor, performer y activista homosexual chileno Pedro Lemebel cuestionaba las esferas de poder y demandaba igualdad para los marginales de la sociedad, un mensaje retratado en un documental de la directora Joanna Reposi Garibaldi que hoy cobra más vigencia que nunca.

'Shadow of history': As Peronism returns, Argentine play explores its darker roots

11 Nov 2019

BUENOS AIRES Gonzalo Demaría is fascinated by the "ghosts" of Argentina's past, in particular the roots of Peronism, the most influential political movement dating back to Juan Peron and his wife Eva Peron that is now set for a return to power.

Argentine economists forecast deeper recession, hold inflation steady

03 Oct 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine economists forecast a deeper recession and maintained a pessimistic inflation forecast at a shade under 55% in the latest central bank monthly poll of analysts released on Wednesday.

Unsafe sex: Argentina crisis deflates condom sales as costs rise

20 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES In South America's capital of romance, Argentine lovers are cutting back on one important cost: contraception. | Video

Amid fresh meltdown, Argentine film gives last laugh to victims of 2001 crisis

16 Aug 2019

With Argentina once again reeling from a financial crisis, a film released on Thursday shows residents from a village outside Buenos Aires pursuing the dream of many of those left penniless by the country's 2001 debt default: getting their money back.

Argentine opposition candidate says 'dialogue open' but blames Macri for meltdown

13 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez said he was willing to collaborate with Argentina's current government after his landslide victory in Sunday's primary election sent the peso currency, stocks and bonds reeling, but he placed responsibility for the market meltdown on President Mauricio Macri.

Argentine waste pickers find livelihood, community in mountain of trash

25 Jul 2019

JOSE LEON SUAREZ, Argentina Lorena Pastoriza, 45, is one of hundreds of informal waste pickers sifting thousand tonnes of trash per day in the poor neighborhood of José León Suárez in Argentina, making ends meet by organizing the rubbish left behind by others.

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